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05/24/18 13:391169443    TREVISO_2.zipPaolo Scarazzato, modificato da Pizzo Treviso Centrale con aggiunto il fascio SS40
02/28/18 06:3457431    Toulouse2012-V2.zip Toulouse senario cerrected
11/27/15 07:38361664    tdir39f.zipgcaprino Eseguibile Traindir 3.9f
09/28/15 21:29582326    Metro_2015.zipbipbip Subway network of Lyon (France)
06/14/15 06:0114607    Lokeren sint-niklaas.zipBen The line between Gent and Antwerp in Belgium. 2015 timetable. 40km of dubbel track and single track lines. Updated and corrected a few mistakes
02/07/15 00:39327561    TramLyon_2015.zipSebastien TETAZ Lyon's tramway network year 2015. 6 routes and more than 1700 trains per day (work only from monday to friday)
11/27/14 20:51366686    Lyon2011.zipSebastien TETAZ The Lyon's hub. A large and complex scenario (updated and completed). More than 1000 trains per day.
06/20/14 03:567299    Blocks.zipJean Irebio This is a french signals pack, simple to use and the .zip file has a layout to understand quickly the signals.
03/28/14 15:12149721    Nodo FI.zipDavide Corradini - Matteo Tessi scenario dimostrativo aggiornato del nodo di firenze
02/23/14 13:531129863    penn.zip  
12/31/13 08:15300692    MI-BO05.zipDavide Corradini scenario Milano-Bologna con aggiornamkento dei treni dopo realizzazione scenario 2004/2005
09/07/13 08:26527459    TRAMTAG.zipJulien ABEL Tramway of Grenoble (Lines A, B, C, D)
09/01/13 05:05145218    Simulation Dijon Lyon.rarSimulation Dijon-Lyon Simulation Dijon-Lyon
08/11/13 02:1143033    Reggio Emilia 2013.zip Simulazione della stazione di Reggio Emilia aggiornata. Vedere i file per eventuali chiarimenti
07/20/13 08:5522    Reggio Emilia2013.zipDavide scenario della stazione di Reggio Emilia sulla Milano-Bologna
06/19/13 12:412443432    Noisy_le_Sec.zipF.G. phototrains La rete della periferia east di Parigi, 628 treni per giorno alla stazione di biforcazione di Noisy-le-Sec
04/01/13 06:5079897    RERC_def.zipbipbip Suburban line RERC - Paris (France)
01/18/13 21:2341724    PiacenzaSch.zip  
01/08/13 05:5817001276    tdir38b-debug.zip  
07/02/12 08:06850664    GE-SP.zipetr300 Versione aggiornata della simulazione GE-SP
05/31/12 00:2068576    CCR03-TD3.zipJulien VIARDOT & Julien ABEL Here is a nice scenario with all trains and complete railways from a french department (Allier - 03) Thank you to Julien VIARDOT for his big work (i have just do some little things to finish that after he ask to me)
04/07/12 07:46282158    AAVV_TO_MI.zipPierdomenico Ferrari Linea LL To PN- Bivio Stura e AV Torino-Milano
04/02/12 01:3847829    Toulouse2012.zipGerard - phototrains Toulouse2012
03/21/12 12:35402868    Screen Shoot Nomi Treni.zipMaurizio Serrini Screen Shoot Icone Nomi Treni
02/20/12 12:0234331    TGV_PSE.zipbipbip French bullet train (LGV) from Paris to Marseille. 750 km, 250 TGV per day, no room for error. Trains run at 300 km/h. Update from an existing layout.
02/11/12 04:59114274    YGrenoble.zipJulien ABEL French passengers trains of Rhône-Alpes near Grenoble
02/06/12 05:2278345    SAVOIE2010.zipJulien ABEL French passengers trains of Savoie
02/02/12 12:50196623    RER_A1.zipbipbip This layout shows the whole RER A line in Paris (France). RER means « Réseau Express Régional » (suburban train network). It controls about 110 km of rail tracks. There is quite 850 daily trains (only from monday to friday). In rush hours (from 7.30 to 9.00 and from 17.00 to 19.00), the headway between « Nanterre-Préfecture » and « Vincennes » is about 2 minutes with 67 trains on duty. Most of the time, the layout must be played with speed x1 or x2.
11/09/11 13:5535994    TRENI CFR.zipPHR Treni delle ferrovie romene, non completi
07/27/11 05:2919476    Milano-Saronno.zipElmeon Milano-Saronno
06/15/11 11:121260230    Aosta.rarMartin Diego Versione Beta scenario Chivasso - Aosta - Pre Saint Didier
05/25/11 06:542283    uve0y.zipDiego Salvataggio per problema "6km/h"
05/11/11 08:4213638    Saronno-Origgio.zipElmeon Saronno-Origgio
04/28/11 06:1373770    CiampinoRic.zipricc404 scenario ciampino
04/15/11 14:47108396    Problem Linares.zipRoilla Problem in Spanish layout.
03/29/11 06:183227    Ciampino_mod.zipangelo Planimetria ritoccata Ciampino
03/03/11 07:0277824    frosinone.rarGiampiero Pompili Frosinone. Rappresentazione della stazione di Frosinone, sulla linea Roma-Napoli(via Cassino). Traffico prevalentemente regionale
02/08/11 10:3086252    Posizione avviso.jpgetr300 Avviso treno fermo a segnale in posizione sbagliata
01/25/11 07:00443057    ce-bn.rar  
11/21/10 14:437165    traindir.zipetr300 Traduzione didascalie programma
10/24/10 21:132611    In_part_new.zip  
10/24/10 20:342930118    Remote1.JPG  

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