Several functions of the program are activated by a combination of mouse button and keyboard key.
The following table summarizes the combination associated to each function.

In case it is not possible to use the right mouse button, you can use the left button while pressing the Alt key.

Function Mouse Position Mouse Button Key
Throw a switch Switch's square Left  
Clear a signal Signal edge Left  
Set green signal to automatic Signal edge Right  
Clear signal for shunting Signal edge Left Ctrl
Itinerary start point Signal edge Left Shift
Itinerary end point Signal edge Right Shift
Itinerary selection Itinerary button Left  
Reverse train direction Locomotive icon Left  
Shunt train Locomotive icon Right  
Assign/split train at destination Locomotive icon Right  
Delay train entrance Entry/exit point label Left  
Train's properties Locomotive icon Left Ctrl
Station schedule Station track element Left Ctrl

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