In this page we show how you can solve various problems commonly found when creating Train Director scenarios.

YouTube player  Videos

Train Director has a YouTube channel, where I put several tutorial videos that explain how to use various features of the program. Each video is subtitled in English and Italian. Therefore it's necessary to enable close captioning in the YouTube player to see the subtitles.
Among the videos available:

and several others.

How to Use This Page

The best way to use these examples is to use the "Macro" and "Place" functions in the Tools pane while editing the layout.

Base Blocks

The following files contain various basic construction blocks. The files don't use scripts, so they can be used directly via the "Macro" + "Place" functions. These files are included in the standard Train Director package.

1to2tracksNE.trk 1to2tracksNW.trk
1to2tracksSE.trk 1to2tracksSW.trk

Italian Blocks

The following files have various basic construction blocks specifically for Italian layouts. They are the same as the above blocks with associated scripts that show the proper signal aspects as mandated by RFI's regulations.


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