Episode 6


Kyoko comes running down the corridor "Hikaru!" but Michi & Hikaru are already outside the school building. Kyoko comes out of the school just in time to see them run out of the school gates together. She gets into her car & goes after them. Hikaru & Michi run pass a railroad crossing just as the barrier comes down & Kyoko has no choice but to stop. She gets out of the car shouting "Hikaru!" & the both of them stop, turning around to look at her. Kyoko pleads "Return Hikaru to me! Give him back!" but Hikaru looks at her then, turns & runs, pulling Michi along with him. The train rushes by & Kyoko can only scream "Hikaru! Hikaru!" When she looks again, they are no longer in sight & she sinks to her knees, another train rushes by

Hikaru & Michi are sitting in a train, holding hands. Hikaru asks "Are you ok? No regrets?" Michi quietly asks instead "What about you?" "As long as I'm with sensei " replies Hikaru. Michi looks pensive, says "I'm no longer a teacher" & looking at Hikaru says to him "& you're no longer a student." Hikaru without saying a word, puts his hands on hers the both of them wearing their rings

Hikaru & Michi are under a bridge & as a train trundles along above, Hikaru asks "What do we do now?" Michi repeats "What to do now " Hikaru takes a coin from his pocket & says "We'll decide with this?" "Eh?" "Heads we go north, tails we go south." When Michi looks uncertain he asks "No?" but Michi shakes her head & says "That's fine." Hikaru walks out into the open & tosses the coin really high. It lands & rolls towards a manhole, Michi & Hikaru all eyes on it. Suddenly Hikaru says "No way!" & when they both walk up to it, the coin is standing on its side, stuck in a crevice in the manhole. Michi says "It's probably saying we shouldn't go anywhere" but Hikaru disagrees "Wrong, it's saying that we have to decide ourselves where to we should go." Picking the coin up Hikaru says "Where we're going should not be decided by a coin, we should be the ones to decide where we go. We'll decide together." Michi nods "Uhm. We have lots of time!" smiling

Masaru is in the office working but can't seem to concentrate. Kiriko watches him & then takes some documents over "Kitai, this is the copy from just now" "Thank you" says Masaru, taking them from her. Kiriko walks off & Masaru looks at the documents. A note is clipped to them & when Masaru flips it open it says "If it's about what happened earlier, don't worry about it. Kiriko." Masaru remembers kissing Kiriko & looks across at her who smiles back at him. At that moment Kyoko comes by & speaks to Kiriko "Excuse me" "Welcome" greets Kiriko, standing up. Kyoko asks "Is Kitai Masaru here?" "Excuse me but " "I'm Kurosawa". Masaru overhears & turns to look at Kyoko

In a meeting room Masaru says "I can't believe it. Michi really did that?" Kyoko tells him "It happened right in front of my eyes. Do you know where she might go?" "Just now, that colleague, she's a friend of Michi's, I'll ask her but " "Could you please also ask her parents?" "Me?" "If I go, it'll be difficult " "But" "Please! Help me! We're both victims!" Kyoko tells Masaru, who just stares back at her. Kiriko standing by the door, hears everything

At the hospital, Michi's mom asks Masaru "Did you call Michi's cell phone?" "I've called many times, but there's no answer. Maybe she knows it's me, so won't answer. She also didn't go to Kiriko's. Do you know where Michi would go?" Michi's mom sits down & Masaru says "Please don't worry! I won't force her to come back. But I think the boy's parents' might not tolerate it. He's still underage, if this goes on, Michi might be considered a kidnapper." Michi's mom stands up & walks to the window "Masaru, I'm sorry. I really don't know anything. It's possible that I don't really don't know anything about Michi." Looking at Masaru she says "Masaru, I'm really sorry." Masaru stands up "Mom, you shouldn't apologize" but Michi's mom shakes her head "No, I'm really sorry"

Back at the park, Hikaru changes out of his school uniform & dumps it in the trash. He's carrying a bag & now wearing a striped t-shirt & beige jacket. Michi tells him "This color is the right one, this suits you better." "Is that so?" "Yes that's so!" "In the end what I picked was a hopeless!" says Hikaru smiling. Michi smiles too & suddenly her phone rings. She looks at Hikaru a little uncertain. Hikaru tells her "Answer it" & walks off to play with a cat, giving her some privacy. Michi finally answers it "Hello Michi?" "Mom." "Where are you now?" Michi doesn't answer but her mom, who's calling from the hospital, asks "Michi, you're together with that boy?" "Uhm." Michi acknowledges looking at Hikaru who's playing with the cat. "What am I going to tell his parents? & what about Masaru?" Michi can only reply "I'm sorry mom. But I only have this time now. If I miss this now, I'll regret it for the rest of my life! I'm sorry." Her mother nods & says "I understand. Then, when you've decided where you're headed, make sure you tell me." "Eh?" "It's alright, I won't tell Dad. I can't worry him even more right now, can I?" Michi's really touched "Thanks mom. Thank you " she says with tears in her eyes. "Bye, I'll hang up now." As she hangs up, Hikaru comes up behind her. She turns around & they both look at each other, then Michi puts her head on Hikaru's shoulder

(-= CJ =- I like the fact that Hikaru seems to be so understanding of Michi...not to mention that I think he's got a beautiful smile...cute kid!)

Michi & Hikaru walk along a crowded sidewalk & end up at a hotel. "Welcome" says the guy at the front desk. Michi asks "Do you have rooms available?" "Yes." "Two single rooms then." As Hikaru looks at her, she changes her mind & hesitatingly says "Change that to a double room please." "The guests staying overnight are the two of you?" asks the guy looking at Hikaru & then back at Michi again, with a sly grin. But before Michi can answer Hikaru says very firmly "That's right." The guy replies "I understand" & takes out a form "Please write your name here " "Alright" says Michi, Hikaru looking at her

They go into the room together. There are two single beds & Hikaru sits on one while Michi puts her bag on the table. She says to Hikaru "Tired? Go take a shower " "Uhm." Says Hikaru, taking off his shoes. He goes into the bathroom & Michi tiredly goes sit on one of the two chairs by the window, looks out, face in her hand, deep in thought

Back in Hikaru's room, an empty bottle & wine glass are on Hikaru's desk. Kyoko is sitting on the floor by the bed, leaning on it, asleep. The bedroom door opens & Kyoko awakens & says "Hikaru!" but it's only Sugai, the home tutor. Kyoko says "It's only you. You don't have to come here for the time being." Sugai replies "But that puts me in a difficult situation " "You'll be properly paid" says Kyoko, sitting up on the bed. Sugai continues "Hikaru broke my glasses the other day." Kyoko gets up & takes out her wallet. She takes out some money & hands it to Sugai "Hurry up & leave!" Sugai snatches the money from Kyoko's hand & walks out. Kyoko paces to the window when the phone rings. She picks it up "Hello. Hello, Hikaru?" but Michi answers "It's Hirose" Kyoko sits down at the table & says "Please let me talk to Hikaru." "I can't do that" Kyoko gets a little agitated "What are your intentions? Do you have the right to do this?" Michi tries to explain "I'm not asking you for forgiveness. I also know that you won't ever forgive me. But you once said to Hikaru didn't you? that Hikaru's your everything...now, that's the same with me." Kyoko tells her "Don't say all this so selfishly. You're taking Hikaru's future...you're destroying his life you think you have the right to decide Hikaru's whole life?" as she sits down on the bed. Michi tells her "That's the same as you." "What?" says Kyoko in disbelief. Michi continues "Shouldn't the one that decides on Hikaru's future be Hikaru himself? Please, try to understand us..." but Kyoko says "In any case, Hikaru will soon lose interest in you Hikaru will surely come back to me. He will come back to me " Michi turns & sees Hikaru standing looking at her. He says with a smile "Go take a shower" & sits down on the bed drying his hair...

(-= CJ =- I don't quite understand Michi's intentions of calling Kyoko. If she had called to reassure Kyoko that Hikaru's alright, fine, but I don't know what this phone call accomplished except hardening Kyoko's resolve to get Hikaru back.  Then again, I ain't Michi...)

Back in Hikaru's room, the phone is on the floor, Kyoko staring out the window

Back in the hotel room, both Michi & Hikaru in separate beds silent but awake, the lamp in between them still turned on. Michi turns to look at Hikaru "Can I come over?" Hikaru turns to look at her & nods. Michi goes over to Hikaru & lies in his arms. He says "Where to go I've thought about it." Michi nods "uhm" & Hikaru says "I want to know about my father." "Eh?" says Michi looking at Hikaru. "I've got an uncle staying near Kooriyama my father's younger brother. I don't know anything about my father. The only thing I know about him is the oil painting hanging in the hospital." Michi says "But when your father passed away, you were only 7 weren't you?" "He was really busy, so he rarely came home. I wonder what he thought of me his only sonI don't know anything" Michi tells him "I want to know too I want to know about your father too I want to know more about you." Hikaru turns towards Michi & they both hold each other

The next morning, Hikaru is sitting outside the entrance to the subway flipping thru a book & Michi comes running up handing him a ticket "Here!" Hikaru takes it & looks, it's a ticket to Kooriyama "Great! Let's go!" He runs across the street, Michi following behind

Back at school, Kinoshita walks into class & sees Hikaru's empty seat. She walks to the window & looks out, remembering Michi & Hikaru running out of school together

Kyoko at the hospital looks out the window & remembers Hikaru & Michi running away by the railroad crossing Godai sneaks up behind her & asks "Found Hikaru yet?" Kyoko turns around surprised & Godai continues with a smirk "Where on earth could he be!" Kyoko doesn't say anything but walks past him. He grabs her & she says "Don't " but Godai merely holds her "Even if you don't have Hikaru, you still have me! From now on the two of us can live together!" Kyoko struggles "Stop it!" & finally breaks away from him. Standing in front of the oil painting, she says "Dr Inoue has already handed in his resignation letter." Godai asks "So what?" sitting down. Kyoko tells him "You satisfied now? Having gotten your wish of getting rid of him. But I won't let you have your way from now on." Godai laughs "What are you saying?" Kyoko tells him "The only person who will carry on this hospital is Hikaru." Godai's face changes & he says angrily "What can he do?! He has to graduate from university & then go to medical school, that will take years! In the meantime, it'll be up to you to carry on with the hospital? How much can you do?" He gets up & takes a couple of steps to Kyoko "Do you know what everyone is saying about you in the hospital? They're saying that a woman like you who knows nothing, what can you do?" Rather condescendingly he says "You'll understand eventually. The only person you can rely on is me." Godai goes out, leaving Kyoko standing there trying to keep in control of herself

(-= CJ =- Godai does a good job of being irritating in this drama. Man! Has he got shifty eyes or what! One thing I like about Kyoko is that no matter what, she isn't the screaming hysterical type, thank Gaawwdd!)

In the countryside a train trundles along, mountains in the background. As it pulls out of a small station, Michi & Hikaru ask a station employee directions

At a school, Hikaru is standing under a tree waiting. Michi comes out of the school with a man telling her that "Kurosawa sensei retired 5 years ago." Michi asks "& now?" "He's not far from Lake Inawashiro...he built a volunteer house for orphans & he's living there with the children." "Is that so? Could you tell me his address?" asks Michi...

A bus travels along a country road, the backdrop a sight of mountains & greenery. It stops & both Hikaru & Michi get off. They both look at the slip of paper Michi is holding & they start walking in the direction Michi points out. They walk thru a field of beautiful yellow flowers & Michi says "Can see the lake!" to Hikaru

(-= CJ =- I'm a sucker for country scenery! It's beautiful! That's what living in the city does to you! Yeah, yeah I know, the countryside is soothing balm for the soul if one stays there 3 hours, insanity if one stays there a lifetime.)

Michi & Hikaru walk along a small country lane & come across a sign that says Yamabiko House. They walk into the compound to see a man with some kids doing some gardening. They both look at each other & Hikaru walks towards the man. "Sensei!" yell one of the kids throwing a clump of dirt at the man. He plays & throws some back, goes after the kid but stops when he sees Hikaru "It's not Hikaru?" Hikaru nods with a smile & the man walks up to him. "It's really you! You've grown up! Haven't seen you in ages!" "It's been a long time " says Hikaru nodding. "10 years! Welcome!" the man says & then looks at Michi, who nods. The man asks in jest "Your girlfriend?" When Hikaru replies "Yes" he says "Stop kidding." "I'm not kidding" Hikaru's uncle looks at Michi & then at Hikaru, then with understanding says "Must be tired both of you, hurry & come on in " He turns & shouts to the kids "Everyone! Done!" & the kids reply "OK! Dinner! What's for dinner today?" Hikaru turns to look at Michi & both walk towards the house with smiles on their faces...

At the dinner table the kids say "Itadakimasu" & start eating. One of the kids ask "He's really sensei's relative?" & a cute little girl pipes up "Absolutely doesn't look like sensei! He looks much cooler than sensei!" "Is that right?" says Hikaru's uncle, putting his hand on the little girl's head "I'm the one that's cool!" & all the kids go "Of course not! He's cooler!" Hikaru & Michi smile at the kids. Another little girl asks "Oni-chan! (Big brother) What's your name?" "Kurosawa Hikaru" replies Hikaru. A boy then asks "How do you write 'Kurosawa Hikaru'?" Hikaru replies "Hikaru is the word hikari (light - as in a ray of light) " as Michi walks outside & looks at some children's drawings stuck on a board. Another kid asks "Oni-chan, how old are you?" "17" "School year?" "High school, 2nd year " Michi looks at a drawing of a rainbow with moon & stars in a black sky. Hikaru's uncle comes up behind her & says "To kids without parents, apparently rainbows look like that..." They turn around & look at the kids, Michi saying "Although they look very cheerful, the scars in their hearts won't heal easily." "You're also a teacher?" Michi shakes her head "Was a teacher before " & he nods

Michi teaches a couple of students math "If you do this into 4, how many do you have inside?" The little girl replies "I understand! 3!" "That's right!" says Michi with a big smile. The other boy ask "Then sensei, can you teach this too?" & Michi nods going over to him Hikaru sits on the floor with some younger children drawing in a book. He says "Done!" & the other kids go "Eh? What! Let me see!" "Ready?" Hikaru has drawn a face at the corner of every page & when he flips thru the book, the face changes from one that's crying to one that smiles. The kids all say "It's cute!" Hikaru agrees "Cute isn't it!" A little boy hands him a book "Draw on this too!" "Draw what?" "My face!" Your face?" asks Hikaru while his uncle watches him with a worried look

Later outside in a field, Michi is plays ball with the kids, Hikaru & his uncle sit together watching. His uncle says to Hikaru "Your father, from young, was always very cool. I could never compare with him. During that time, we were very poor but his dream was to become a doctor. The medical department at the National University got in the first attempt then built up that hospital. Of course it wasn't so big like it is now, & he worked hard & very late every day, because he thought that curing patients was his everything. His only hobby was painting the sea." Hikaru says "I like it, the sea that he painted." "That was painted when you were born that time, there was look of total happiness on his face his dream was that when you grew upah, like thatthat, that" his uncle tries to pose & Hikaru says "Like Michelangelo?" "Yes! He loved that painting. He said that one day, the three of you would go to Rome together to see the real thing but that never happened. He didn't take care of himself, only took care of other people, in the end, went to Heaven by himself your father only knew to think of other people's happiness to me, he was an idiot. I think that just to think of his own family would have been enough" he says lying down in the grass "He was an idiot" Hikaru doesn't say anything but looks up into the sky instead

Kyoko sits at her desk, looking up at the painting. Something occurs to her & she takes her bag out from the drawer. From her bag she takes out an organizer

Back at the orphanage, the phone rings. Hikaru's uncle answers it "Hello" Kyoko replies "I've neglected to keep in touch, this is Kurosawa" He turns to look at Hikaru who's in the next room with the kids. "Do you remember me? This is Kyoko." "It's been a long time" he replies & a kid comes by "Sensei, can we go out to play?" "Alright, alright, in a bit!" as the little boy runs out. He slides the door shut, looking at Hikaru. Kyoko says "I've really neglected to keep in touch." "How are you?" "I'm fine, & you?" "Alright, living with the children" "Is that so?" There's a pause & he asks "Is there anything? Anything wrong?" Kyoko replies "No, was just looking at my husband's painting, & thought about you" "Is that so? Then when you have time, come by & visit, together with Hikaru" Michi walks by & overhears. Kyoko replies "Yes, definitely!" "Well then, bye" "Bye" replies Kyoko hanging up

Michi & Hikaru's uncle take a walk outside. The moon is out & he says "It's a blue moon tonight" "First time I've seen one" says Michi. He tells her "It's not easy to get to see one, it's been called a symbol of dreams that will never come true " "Dreams that will never come true " repeats Michi. He continues "For me, a dream that will never come true is to have my wife & son alive & living." "Eh?" "5 years ago, my son killed himself because he was bullied. If he were still alive, he would be the same age as Hikaru" he says with sigh, sitting on a bench. "Although I was a junior high school teacher, I didn't understand the feelings of the children around me" Michi asks "Your wife?" "She went too, not long after our son maybe that was a warning" Michi sits down & he continues "It was after that, that I started this I wanted to let children who had lost their parents live here, getting rid of their pain " Hikaru comes by the window behind them & listens. "Although what I'm going to say might hurt you but when I think of Kyoko's feelings, I can't easily encourage the both of you the feelings when parents lose their children, I understand completely!" Michi doesn't say anything, neither does Hikaru but both look kind of down. Hikaru's uncle asks Michi "What are you going to do now?" & Michi replies "Haven't decided" He turns to look at her "Traveling on a journey with no end in mind will be very painful" Michi doesn't reply but looks up at the moon

Hikaru walks down the corridor & into the office. He slides the door open & looks at the telephone on the table

Kyoko switches off the light & is about to leave her office when the phone rings. She hurries back & answers "Hello" "Mom?" "Hikaru? Where are you now? Please, come back!" Kyoko pleads anxiously. Hikaru says "Mom, I'm sorry I can't become like dad " "What are you talking about?" "I want to live for the people I love I want to be by the one I love, I want to live making that person happy " The both of them are silent for a while when some of the younger kids come calling "Oni-chan! Let's go to bed together!" Kyoko hears over the phone & realizes where Hikaru is. Hikaru tells them "OK, in a bit" "Promise? In a while ok?" Hikaru listens to the phone & says "Hello, hello" but Kyoko hangs up...

Michi's parents come back home, & Michi's mom says "I'll make some tea for you." Hirose asks his wife "Where's Michi? Where's she gone?" She tells him "You'll find out sooner or later " "What?" but before she can say anything, the doorbell rings. When Michi's mom opens the door it's Kinoshita. She introduces herself "I'm one of the students in sensei's class, Kinoshita." "What can I do for you?" "I'd like to know how the both of them are. Do you know where they are?" "No" "I won't tell anyone " "I really don't know" "Is that so? Excuse me..." says Kinoshita & leaves, Michi's mom looking on

Kinoshita returns home to see her father drinking, the house in a mess. As she goes into, he flings a glass at a cabinet & the glass on the cabinet shatters. Kinoshita quickly goes into her room, fear on her face

At the office, Kiriko comes by & notices Masaru isn't at his desk. She asks a colleague "Where's Masaru?" "He handed in a slip & went off earlier." "What happened?" "Not sure he called & booked a train ticket to Kooriyama"Kikiko has this strange look on her face

Back at the orphanage Michi is helping out with the laundry "Always have to hang out this much laundry?" "Yes!" replies one of the girls. Michi looks at Hikaru who's gardening with the kids his voice comes on "Let's stay here for a whilethe two of us can help out my uncle let's work here!" Her phone rings & a little girl calls Michi "One-san (Big sister), this is ringing" handing the phone to Michi. She looks at it & it says 'Kuda Kiriko'. Michi answers "Hello?" "Michi? Are you now at Kooriyama?" "Kiriko, how did you know?" "Hurry & run!" "Eh?"

Masaru comes out of Inawashiro Station, gets into a black car & tells the driver "To this address please"

Hikaru's uncle opens the door to his can & Michi says "Sorry" "No " he replies taking the bag from Michi & putting it in the back seat. The kids run up to Hikaru & says "Oni-chan you're leaving?" "I'm sorry" he says & his uncle says urgently "Hikaru! Hurry up!" "I'll come again!" Hikaru tells the kids & then looks at Michi before getting into the van

On the road, Hikaru says "Uncle" "What?" "If only I had met you earlier if I had, we'd have been able to talk a lot more " "If you really think that, then let me say something from now on, the only things waiting for you will be pain & sorrow. But I believe that life isn't without meaning, at least I believe that much that's why I built that housewhen my son & wife died, I felt like dying too. But, because I believe that, I've lived until now when you've lived with pain & sorrow, then there will be joy & happiness so no matter how painful it gets, I hope the two of you go on living well!" Everyone travels in silence for some time the van passes Masaru on the way & he turns... Michi comes running out from the station. Hikaru's uncle tells them "Well then, I'll send you off 'til here " Michi says "Thank you for all your help." "Hikaru, we'll meet again" he says, holding his hand out to Hikaru. Hikaru holds it "Yes!" & his uncle drives off, both of them watching Michi turns to Hikaru "Let's go" Hikaru says "Aa, buy something " & runs off into the station. "Hurry up" says Michi, getting into a car they rented...

A black car pulls up & a guy steps out, only his legs & a metal briefcase can be seen. Michi winds down the car window, waiting for Hikaru. Michi is looking at some papers in the car & doesn't realize who's approaching. Masaru's reflection appears in the windscreen, standing right in front of her. Michi looks up, the shock taking a few seconds to register. Masaru says to Michi thru the window "Let's go home, Michi. Now, we can still start over. Please!" Michi listens in shock & then shakes her head. The look on Masaru's face changes & he opens the door, pulling Michi out "Let's go! Let's go home!" Michi shouts "No!" "Let's go home!" "No!" but Masaru drags her so hard she falls to the ground. "Let's go!" says Masaru, grabbing her shoulder. "Let me go! No!" shouts Michi. Hikaru walking back with a couple of canned drinks sees what's happening. The both of them struggling, Masaru yells at Michi "Everyone's worried about you! Don't you understand?!!" & slaps Michi so had she falls to the ground again. Hikaru sees & comes running. He pushes Masaru away & asks Michi "Are you alright?" Masaru grabs Hikaru & throws him a punch. They both fight & Hikaru gets punched & thrown about by the much bigger Masaru. Finally Masaru grabs Hikaru & yells "Do you know what you're doing?! Because of you, Michi's lost everything!" & keeps punching Hikaru. Suddenly Michi uses Masaru's briefcase & hits Masaru on the head with it. While he's rolling on the ground in pain, Hikaru gets up, grabs Michi "Hurry!"

(-= CJ =- I thought this scene with Michi whacking Masaru on the head with the briefcase was so fake I was chuckling, kind of spoilt the intensity of the moment.)

Michi & Hikaru are in the car, Michi trying to start the car "Hurry!" says Hikaru. Masaru appears to recovers & just when Michi gets the car started Masaru puts his hands thru the window & grabs Michi "Where are you going?" Hikaru pushes Masaru away but Masaru doesn't let go "If you do this, do you know what will happen?!" Hikaru releases the hand brake & they drive off, Masaru hanging on bvy the side yelling "Stop! Michi! Michi! Stop!" & finally he falls back. "You do this! What are you going to do?! You have no place to go!!!" yells Masaru

(-= CJ =- Masaru's supposed to look angry but he looks more like he's bordering on dementia!)

Michi drives on, seemingly in shock, Hikaru looks at her, not saying anything. Both of them have blood on their lips where Masaru hit them. They drive on

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