Episode 7


Coming out of a tunnel, Michi drives on intently while Hikaru grimaces in pain from being beaten up by Masaru. As Michi drives, Masaru's voice can be heard "Let's go home! Michi! If now...we can still start over!" flashback to Masaru saying "Please!" Hikaru looks at Michi & recalls what Masaru said to him "Because of you, Michi will lose everything!" Michi has another flashback of Masaru running by the side of the car "Stop! Michi!" Hikaru asks her "Are you alright?" & Michi recalls Masaru screaming "You have no place to go!" She steps even harder on the accelerator & speeds up. Hikaru tells her "It's dangerous! Sensei!" It's too late & a car comes headlong, & Michi jams on the brakes at the last minute, swerving off the road

(-= CJ =- The cuts & bruises that were missing in the previous fight scene show up now, talk about delayed reaction...)

The car's stuck on the side of the road & Hikaru in pain asks "What now?" When Michi, who's sitting down by the side of the car, doesn't reply, Hikaru says "Let's go? We can't just stay here." Michi finally says something "What about the car?"  & Hikaru replies "Leave it. In any case, the license plate has been seen if we don't hurry, it's possible he'll come after us"& Michi gets up

The both of them walk along, Hikaru limping. Michi asks "Are you alright?" "Uhm" says Hikaru. Michi says bleakly "People don't understand what we are thinking probably no one does " & walks onHikaru stops & looks around at the flowers in the field & calls to Michi "Hey!" Michi looks at Hikaru, who's looking around & she turns to stares at the flowers

The both of them walk into the field & Hikaru says "Didn't uncle say so too? In life, nothing is without meaning if we hadn't walked all the way here, we wouldn't have come across this place that's full of beautiful flowers I believe...that good things will happen from now" Hikaru smiles at her & gives her a stalk of the flowers, Michi takes it, a smile on her face

At a small hospital, a doctor looks at some X-rays, Hikaru is lying on the table in pain & Michi waits outside the doctor puts his hands on Hikaru's ribs & Hikaru grimaces in pain...Michi stands up when the doctor comes out & says to her "He's sprained his ankle but he's fractured a couple of ribs" Michi is shocked "Eh?" "Did you not notice? He must be in a lot of pain " says the doctor. Michi looks at a nurse bandaging Hikaru who's grimacing away in pain & the doctor continues "In any case, stay here for 2 or 3 days, under observation " Michi nods "Yes" "What on earth happened? asks the doctor, but when Michi hesitates he says "Never mind, take care" & goes off. Michi looks at Hikaru, a broad wide bandage around his body...in pain

(-= CJ =- Arrrgh! Michi is really annoying me again. Can't believe she's that spineless that Hikaru's the one taking the lead & cheering her up, not to mention that she's so self-absorbed in herself that she doesn't realize Hikaru's really hurt...schooopid woman!)

At the hospital, Kyoko attends a meeting with all the other doctors, her cell phone on the table. A doctor is speaking "Let's discuss the problem raised by the nurses the internal departments are not satisfied, it this carries on " Suddenly Kyoko's phone interrupts & she answers "Hello eh?" she gets up & says "Excuse me" & walks out. Godai tells the rest "I'm only telling this to you here, Hikaru has run off (eloped) " & when the doctors express their surprise Godai continues "The other party is his high school teacher! It's unbelievable! Although Hikaru's temperament is hard to understand, it's probably because of the way he's been brought up."

As Kyoko enters her office, she says "They escaped?" closing the door "& then what happened to the the both of them?" Masaru at the Inawashi car rental office answers "They abandoned the rental car near by " Kyoko says "Then, you're saying that there's no trace of them?" "They may have gone to a hospital " "What happened to Hikaru?!" asks Kyoko anxiously & Masaru quickly makes something up "ah, no, just that someone saw that they were wounded in any case, they probably haven't gone very farit'd be better to ask the local police to investigate "

At the hospital, Michi sits by Hikaru's bedside watching over him. Hikaru stirs & Michi asks "How are you feeling?" "I'm fine" "Want some water?" "No" "Hungry?" Michi asks & her own stomach rumbles. Hikaru starts laughing, grimacing in pain at the same time & Michi starts laughing as well. Hikaru says "Don't just stare!" Michi says  "I'll go buy something", takes her wallet & goes out

As Michi comes down the stairs, she sees a policeman questioning a nurse "We received a request for us to investigate, do you know these people? Name is Kurosawa Hikaru, age 17, height one sixty (centimeters, outside the US, think Metric). Michi runs up the stairs

(-= CJ =- Just found out Takizawa is 166cm, that makes him about 5 ft 5 in, little wonder Matsushima towers over him.)

The police & nurse come up the stairs & enter the room only to find it empty. The policeman & nurse run off in one direction, not noticing the opened emergency exit door

Hikaru & Michi run around the side of the hospital to escape, passing the front of the hospital & onto the road. Hikaru runs, limping & panting. He doubles over in pain & Michi holds on to him "Are you alright?" She sees a bus headed for Kooriyama coming along the road & helping Hikaru "Hang on for just a bit more!" she says, heading for the bus. It passes them by & Michi says "Wait!"

Michi & Hikaru are at the back of the bus, Hikaru breathing heavily & obviously in a lot of pain. Michi asks "Are you alright?" & he nods, in too much pain to say anything

Back at his apartment, Masaru sits despondently on his sofa, his table a mess. Kiriko enters the apartment "Masaru, are you alright?" He doesn't answer & Kiriko simply continues "It's so rare for you to take breaks that everyone's worried about you. It's better if you eat something" Kiriko takes some food out of a bag when Masaru finally speaks "Just a little bit more..." "Eh?" "Just a bit more, & I could've brought Michi back." Masaru turns to look at Kiriko & asks her "How did she know I was coming? You told her didn't you." Kiriko doesn't say anything & Masaru gets up from the sofa "Why? Aren't you suppose to be on my side?" Kiroko nods & Masaru grabs her by her shoulders "You know where the both of them are!" Kiriko shakes her head & Masaru shakes her "Don't lie!" "I'm not lying!" "Tell me! Please! Please! Kiri-chan!" "I really don't know!" Masaru finally lets go of Kiriko & sits on his bed with a frustrated sigh. He says "I'm sorry, but could you leave me alone?" but Kiriko just stands there & then says "Masaru, won't I do?" Masaru's only reaction is the lifting of his head. Kiriko says "Michi's not coming back! It's cruel I know, but giving her up is the only thing you can do! I really regret it, introducing Michi to you! If I had only made my feelings known to you in the beginning " Kiriko goes down beside Masaru "From now on, I want you to look at me only! I want you to look at me only!" Masaru merely turns & says to her "Can you leave?" "Masaru!" Finally Masaru loses his patience & yells at her "I said leave me alone!" Kiriko fights back tears & finally leaves the apartment, slamming the door Masaru just sits there in frustration

(-= CJ =- Sloppy! Case of the disappearing ear-ring....check out Kiriko's right ear before & after Masaru yells at her to leave.)

Michi is lying on the beach, her eyes closed. Hikaru, using a big stick, draws on the sand around Michi. Michi opens her eyes & says "Let's live here" Hikaru goes "Eh?" Michi sits up "This is the best place we can't keep running forever" Getting up & walking over to Hikaru she says "I'll go look for work, the two of us live together, & try to get others to accept the both of us " Hikaru grins & nods. He motions her & she climbs up onto a lifeguard chair. When she stands up looks to see what Hikaru has drawn on the sand...two doves together & they both smile at each other

Michi & Hikaru are in a room, Hikaru is lying on the futon & as she takes her jacket, Michi says "I'll go look for an apartment" "I'll go too" says Hikaru but Michi says "No, you have to rest!" "I'm fine!" says Hikaru, sitting up. Michi tells him "Recovering is the most important thing right now!" Hikaru looks at her & she smiles back at him, then leaves

Michi goes looking for an apartment & in an office she says "It doesn't matter if it's small, but if possible cheaper is better " "For one person?" "No, for two" "For husband & wife then " "No, with my younger brother"

On her way back, she sees a sign stuck on a tree, advertising for hostesses as she walks on, she passes a school & looks thru a fence to see school kids running, being coached, & others playing basketball turning away she sees a public telephone booth

Back at Michi's home, Michi's father is sitting in a chair, not doing anything when the phone rings. Michi's mom picks it up "Hello, this is Hirose " but there's no reply. She says again "Hello?" then moves away from her husband & says again "Hello? Michi? Please! Say something!" It's not Michi but Kinoshita who's called. Kinoshita is sitting in a corner of her living room, not saying anything. Michi's mom continues "Hello! Hello! Michi!" Kinoshita's father walks into the living room & sees Kinoshita sitting in the corner "Who are you calling? Calling your mother? Or the police?" He walks up to her & roughly grabs her, pulling her to her feet. She stares at him & he says "What's with that look?" shaking & screaming at her "What sort of attitude is that? Stupid!" pushing her onto the floor. He goes berserk & swipes things from the cabinet onto Kinoshita

It's night time, Michi & Hikaru are sitting on the beach. Hikaru says "The stars...the light that we see is light from many years before huh" Michi goes "uhm." Looking into the sky, Hikaru says "Years from now, maybe our escapade will become a funny story..." Michi looks at Hikaru whos says "When I become an adult, maybe everyone will forgive me if that's true, then I wish time would move faster"

In Kyoko's office, Masaru points out on a map, spread out on the table "This is your brother-in-law's volunteer house, this is the hospital they were at, & this is the bus' last stop." Kyoko takes the map & looks at it "Where on earth could they have gone?" Masaru asks "Do you have any idea at all?" Kyoko asks instead "Do you still intend to marry her as planned?" Masaru looks at her & replies "You don't understand what I feel" Kyoko half mutters to herself "Perhaps I should be the one saying that you definitely don't understand what I feel..." Masaru just stares at her

Michi & Hikaru go to their rented apartment. Entering, Hikaru says "Woah! What a dump!" & with a smile puts his bag down in the middle of the room. Michi smiles & says "I'll be starting work tomorrow" "Where?" asks Hikaru "At a local kanren kigyou (locally related business) "What's that?" but Michi doesn't say anything, just smiles & slides open the window "Have to work hard!" Hikaru says "When I get better I'm going to work too" Michi turns around & looks at him, her expression a little solemn. Hikaru asks "What?" Michi says "I still think it's better if you graduate from high school you want to go to university don't you?" Hikaru walks up to her saying "I don't regret it..." & looking out he continues " because this is our place of freedom" both of them smile & look outside

They go shopping for household stuff. Hikaru reaches for a couple of blue & red rice bowls but puts them back when Michi picks some others. They buy pots, pans etc & at the cashier Michi drops some of them. When Michi tries on a pair of sunglasses, Hikaru says "Look here!" & when she turns around, he takes a picture of her. Going to the beach they both take pictures of each other. Michi & Hikaru stand together & Hikaru puts his hand out & takes one of the both of them. Michi lies down on the sand, Hikaru follows but the action still causes him some pain & he goes "Ow!" Michi asks "Are you alright?" "Uhm" replies Hikaru, the both of them lying on the sand

At dinner, Hikaru eats a piece of what looks like sliced carrot. Michi asks "How is it?" Hikaru nods & says "It's hard!" Michi tries one & looks at him in agreement. Hikaru asks "Don't tell me you've never cooked before?" Michi replies "I'll try harder from now on" taking her bowl of mizo soup, & realizing the konbu (seaweed / kelp) isn't sliced. Hikaru grins  at her

Michi starts work at the local fishing wharf, bringing in & sorting out the fish

Hikaru sits by himself near the sea, looking pensive & deep in thought. It's drizzling & Michi comes by carrying an umbrella. She sees Hikaru sitting alone & from a distance, watches him, seeing him looking rather down. Finally she goes up & puts the umbrella over him. Hikaru looks around, sees Michi & greets her "Welcome back" with a smile. Michi smiles "I'm back"

The two of them are lying in bed, Michi asleep. Hikaru says "Sensei?" but Michi doesn't hear. "I haven't told you something important. You've said it to me already, but I haven't said it to you." Hikaru gets up & sitting cross-legged, faces Michi & says "I love Hirose Michi. I love you."

At work, Michi seems cheerful. Cleaning up, another worker gives her a fish "Here, take this!" & she smiles "Thank you very much"

On her way home, Michi passes a phone booth. She suddenly turns around & looks at it .

At Michi's house, the phone rings but no one is in. Her mother suddenly comes in with some bags of groceries & hurries to answer it "Hello" "Mom?" "Michi? Are you ok?" "What about dad?" "He's gone back to school." "Is that so? That's good" "& you? Are you alright?" Michi replies "uhm, right now the two of us are living together in a rented apartment" "What about money?" "I've found work, don't worry Now that I have to cook, I'm hopeless! If I had listened to what you said, & learned how to cook, it'd be better thinking about it, I realized that I've always depended on you, didn't do anything myself only brought you trouble, didn't do anything I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry" Her mom finally speaks "Michi, if you're in trouble, come home anytime. It's normal for children to cause trouble for their parents" They are silent for a while, both quite emotional. Michi says "Thank you mom" with tears in her eyes. After a while, Michi says "Then, I'll hang up now" "Just a minute" "What?" "Did you have a student called Kinoshita in your class? "

Kinoshita is alone at home, there are scratches on her face...she reaches for a piece of glass from the floor & brings it to her wrist. As she close her eyes & is about to cut her wrist, the phone rings. She finally drops the glass & decides to pick up the phone. It's Michi "Hello? Kinoshita? It's Hirose, are you listening?" Kinoshita remains silent as Michi continues talking "I heard that you came by my house the other day what happened? Please, tell me" But before Kinoshita can say anything, her father comes home drunk "I'm home! Dad's home, can't you even say "Welcome back" ?" he says, kicking the table & falling onto the sofa. Michi hears & says "Your father? It's your father who's abusing you?! That's it isn't it, Kinoshita!" Kinoshita finally speaks "What can you do? You're no longer a teacher, mind your own business!" & hangs up in tears

Michi & Hikaru are talking. Hikaru asks "Then it's Kinoshita's father who's " Michi replies "Probably" Hikaru says angrily "Why? He's her real father isn't her?" Going to Michi he says "Go see her!" Michi is surprised "Eh?" "You know her character, she won't ever ask for help!" "But " says Michi & Hikaru looks at her "But ?" a little surprised that she should even object. Michi explains "If I go back to Tokyo, it's possible that someone might find me then, we might even have to leave here" the both of them look at each other, Michi looking a little guilty (-= CJ =- It's about time!) for thinking about themselves & Hikaru looks as if he understands but disappointed with Michi at the same time

At her office, Kyoko sits in the dark. Turning around in her chair, she looks at the oil painting her husband painted & says "Dear where on earth has Hikaru gone?" She stares intently at the painting & then her expression changes as she realizes where Hikaru could be

A night scene of the beach fades into one of Michi & Hikaru lying in bed, both awake, not saying anything, both lying facing away from each other, both deep in their own thoughts

The next morning, Hikaru's watering a plant by the window, Michi getting ready for work. Hikaru starts to say something "Hey " "What?" Changing his mind he says "Be careful!" Michi gets up & replies "I'm off!" leaving Hikaru looking like he has something on his mind

At the train station, Hikaru sits on a bench waiting, a book in his hand titled 'Friendship'. A figure walks up to him & he looks up to see that it's Michi. He asks "What are you doing?" Michi replies with half a pout "What are you doing?" "What about work?" "Got the day off!" says Michi. Hikaru says "I " but Michi says "I'll go in your place" "But " "But" Hikaru looks down at the book in his hands & then gives it to Michi "Give this to Kinoshita " Michi takes it while Hikaru says "When she's being abused, she must be in a lot of pain but the most painful must be when she's all alone I still have sensei by my side, but there's no one by hers " Michi sits down on the bench beside Hikaru. He looks at her & asks "Have I made a mess of your life?" Michi asks in surprise "What?" Hikaru says "Didn't your fianci say so? Because of me, you've lost everything " Michi looks at him & asks "Have you been worrying about this all this while?" Hikaru doesn't answer & Michi tells him "What will make my life a mess is when you're not around " Hikaru looks at herthe train pulls up & Michi gets up. She turns around & says "Promise me? Promise me you won't ever leave me alone that you won't ever leave me alone!" Hikaru gets up & says "I promise!" Michi smiles & boards the train. Hikaru promises "I won't ever leave you alone!" & Michi smiles back

(-= CJ =- How can one not like this kid? He's so sweet, thinking about others, feeling guilty about Michi losing everything because of him Michi doesn't stack up...)

Kyoko is driving along the coast. She passes the train that Michi is on, going in the other direction

On the train, Michi flips thru the book Hikaru handed over to her. She looks thru a couple of pages & suddenly smiles to herself

Kyoko stops her car by the beach & goes walking in the sand (-= CJ =- Can't she take her shoes off? sheeesh, walking in the sand with heels on )

Michi arrives in Tokyo & with address in hand, goes looking for Kinoshita

Kinoshita's hiding under the table, her father flinging things around. He suddenly asks her "Jun, Jun, does it hurt? I'm sorry, I promise I won't do this again I just want you to know my painwhat on earth have I done? the bribes, everyone takes themthey were jealous of my promotion, they did this to me on purpose, why won't anyone understand me?" He grabs her & pulls her out from under the table "Your your mother left, leaving you & me " he yells at her in a fit, pushing her down on to the floor. The doorbell rings

Kinoshita's father goes answer the door "What do you want?" Michi replies "I would like to speak with Jun " "My daughter's out right now " "Then I'll speak with you" "No, I'm busy " he replies, trying to shut the door but Michi stops him "It's important!" "I have nothing to say to you!" Kinoshita throws a glass & it shatters, getting Michi's attention. Michi barges in "Excuse me!" "Wait!" he tries to stop her but Michi goes in to the living room & sees Kinoshita on the floor, the place in a mess. She goes to Kinoshita & says "Kinoshita! Tell me! I understand your pain " Kinoshita looks at Michi, then at her father & then looks away. Michi turns to look at Kinoshita's father who says "What do you intend to do?" Michi looks at him in disgust as he says "Didn't you seduce your student, & then ran off from school? A person like you, what right have you got to meddle in other people's affairs?! Leave! Leave!" Kinoshita suddenly stands up & both of them look at her. She starts taking of her clothes her father says "What are you doing? Jun!" Michi stares in shock at Kinoshita, who's body is covered with scars & bruises "Stop it!" he says "I don't know, I don't know anything!" turning away. Michi, with tears in her eyes, takes a blanket from the sofa & puts it around Kinoshita, hugging her "It's true I have no right to say anything when I was your teacher, I didn't notice anything but" turning to look at Kinoshita's father she says angrily "but are legs used for stepping on & kicking other people?! Aren't they supposed to be, when in pain & troubled times, used for walking towards your goal?! Hands are supposed to hit people? Aren't they supposed to touch people you love? To hold the people you love?!" Kinoshita buries her head in Michi's shoulders

By the river, Michi & Kinoshita sit on a log talking. Michi says to Kinoshita "For the time being, stay at my home after I get in touch with my parents first I'm sorryI should be able to say yes to you but I can't oh yes" Michi digs into her bag & takes out the book from Hikaru & gives it to Kinoshita "This is from Hikaru " Kinoshita takes it "How is he?" "He got hurt to tell you the truth, it was Hikaru who wanted to come see you " Kinoshita doesn't reply, just looks at the book. Michi then says "Well, I've got to go " standing up. She tells Kinoshita, "If anything happens, call me on my cell phone anytime." Kinoshita looks at her & nods. Michi says "You're no longer alone..." smiling, Kinoshita looking back at her. As Michi walks away, Kinoshita says "Thank you" Michi turns around, Kinoshita gets up & tells her "Sensei! Thank you!" Michi is touched "That's the first time you've called me that but, I'm no longer" Kinoshita interrupts "You're a teacher! No matter what happens to me, you'll always be my teacher!" Michi smiles, touched & says "Thank you." For the first time, Kinoshita smiles Michi walks off & Kinoshita sits back down on the log. She turns to the first few page of the book & sees a drawing of a girl, looking rather unhappy, holding an umbrella in the rain. As she turns a few more pages, the picture changes. Flipping thru the book, the rain stops, the sun comes out, & the girl ends up smiling

At the photo shop, Hikaru gets the photos they took & looks thru them

At the same time, Kyoko shows a picture of Hikaru to a local police officer

Michi comes back to town

Hikaru is at home preparing dinner

Michi carries a bunch of flowers, happily walking

Hikaru tastes the soup "Hot!" & smiles as he looks at the clock on the table

Michi's walking along just outside to their apartment, looking at the flowers in her hand when a police officer walks in front of her & salutes. She turns away but another police officer appears "Wait, could we have a word?" says the first officer. Michi turns & says "What's it about?" "Please come with us to the station, we'll talk there " Michi says "Wait, I haven't done anything" & trails off as she sees Kyoko standing in the distance. She drops the flowers onto the ground & looks at Kyoko in despair. The two officers grab a hold of her, one on each side. A patrol car pulls up & as the two officers lead her towards the car, Michi shouts "Hikaru! Hikaru!"

Not knowing what's happening outside, Hikaru sits waiting for Michi, looking at the pictures of the both of them

Michi gets into the car & as they drive off, Michi looks out the back window at Kyoko who walks up to where Michi dropped the flowers. Kyoko turns around & looks towards the apartment

Hikaru sorts out the pictures with a smile

Michi looks out the back of the car at Kyoko the car goes round a corner & Michi turns away from the window, the two police officers on each side of her

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