Episode 5


The whole assembly is in uproar over Michi's declaration of her love for Hikaru. Hikaru just looks at Michi & Kinoshita, sitting behind looks on with a hint of a smile. Michi continues "It's as you've said, we haven't done anything bad! If I resign now " but Okjima sensei quickly grabs her arm "What are you saying!" dragging her off the stage. Michi retorts "I'm only trying to express what I feel!" "Stop this nonsense!" says Okajima sensei, refusing to let her go, dragging her out of the auditorium. "What are you saying!" "Why?" shouts Michi struggling to get free. Hikaru tries to get to Michi "Sensei!" but some of the other teachers grab him & hold him back. As Okajima drags her, Michi screams "If I quit now, it'll mean that I'm admitting that what we've done is wrong! I'll never admit to that!" Hikaru yells "Sensei!" struggles but can't get away from the teachers & as Michi is dragged out the door she screams once more "I'll never admit to that!" The door slams, Hikaru struggles, the teachers shout "Assembly is over! Quiet! Go back to your classrooms! Quiet! Return to your classrooms!!!

(-= CJ =- If there was one point in this drama that I felt like strangling Michi, this would be it! This 'on the spur of the moment' or perhaps 'pushed into a corner' public declaration of her love for Hikaru has got to be the schoooopidest thing she could possibly do! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's finally gotten more decisive & stronger, standing up for herself instead of annoyingly going "Dou shiyou?" all the time. But she's got to know that society in general still isn't ready to accept a teacher/student relationship & doesn't she even for a moment consider the consequences of her actions? especially to her parents & Hikaru? No cow sense! I'd admire her if she ignored what everyone thought & carried on her relationship with Hikaru in a dignified manner, but this, IMHO, is hardly what I'd consider 'dignified'.)

In the faculty room, Okajima sensei reprimands Michi she's sitting at her table. "Do you know what you are doing? Declaring one's love for a student in front of the whole school, where on earth is there such a thing?!" Michi doesn't say anything but looks calm enough as Okajima continues "When your father finds out, do you know how hurt he'll be?" Michi finally speaks "This has got nothing to do with my father." All the other teachers look at her. "I understand" says Okajima "If that is what you think, then we have no choice but to deal with you severely." Michi looks up "I'm dismissed?" Okajima tells her "In any case, for today, go home! Understand?!" & leaves...Michi sits there thinking

Hikaru's slowly walks along the corridor & then stops, looks down the hallway. Kinoshita comes up behind him & says with a hint of admiration "Hirose sensei really did it, but she'll be fired for sure, doing something like that " Hikaru doesn't say anything & walks into the classroom. The other students snigger & stare but he merely walks to the window. Looking out, he sees Michi walking, leaving the school. She stops, turns & looks up & sees Hikaru at the window. Hikaru stares back & shows her his hand he's wearing the ring, & nods. Michi does the same & nods in understanding. Turning, Michi walks on, Hikaru continues to stare after her

Michi's father comes home. Michi's mom greets him "You're home" but he merely says "Is she home?" Michi's mom tries to persuade him "Don't get angry, please be calm,,," but he ignores her as he goes into the living room. Michi is sitting alone & her father in controlled anger "How much more are you going to embarrass us?! For the time being, you stay at home!" & turns to leave. Michi however replies with determination "I'm going to school tomorrow." "What?" "Michi" says both her parents. Michi continues adamantly "I'm going to continue seeing him." Her father loses his cool, goes over & grabs her by the shoulders "You stubborn !!!" & her mom intervenes "Stop it!" managing to get them apart. Michi tells them "Up til now, I've always been a good child, always conscious of what people said, doing whatever you (dad) said. But that's wrong, that's not the real me! Because of him, I now realize that. So, I don't regret whatever I did today!" Her father tells her "Get out!" & when Michi's mom tries to calm him down "Keep quiet!" he shouts at her. Michi stares at her father & then calmly says "I understand", takes her bag & leaves. Michi's mom tries to stop her "Michi! Wait!" "Leave her be!" Michi's father shouts...& Michi's mom looks on helplessly at her furious husband

Hikaru is sitting in the living room when his mom walks in "I'm home" "Welcome back" says Hikaru. Kyoko puts her bag on the chair saying "Feel a little tired I'll take a shower & go to bed " turning away but Hikaru stands up & says "Mom, I need to speak with you". Kyoko immediately says "Don't go to school anymore" "Eh?" says Hikaru surprised. Kyoko continues "You don't have to go to school, you can study at home, or you could go to school in America" walking up to him. Hikaru says "You know about what happened at school?" Kyoko merely smiles & doesn't reply. Hikaru tells her "I'm serious about sensei. Until now, I've never had something I loved so much studying or thinking about the future, there're a lot of things I hate but this feeling, it's the firsthow to sayit's like I have the energy to do anything, have the courage to do anything, feel warm & friendly towards people I'll really study hard, for you (mom), I'll become a doctor, continue with the hospital " Kyoko is speechless for a moment & then says "Hikaru, someone your age " putting her hands on his shoulders "might feel attracted to older women. But then after a while, it'll definitely pass. I'm not talking bad about her forget her!" Hikaru pushes her hands away & says "We're not like that." Kyoko tells him "You're sacrificing your whole life on a whim!" but Hikaru is firm "It's not a whim! I am serious about her!" "You've been deceived by her." Kyoko replies. Hikaru looks away & says "Do you have the right to say that?" & looking at her "Getting the tutor to follow me, terminating my phone " Kyoko takes two steps away & Hikaru says flatly "Even if you object, I won't quit school. I'll never leave her." Kyoko turns around only to see a very determined Hikaru staring back at her

Michi's walking alone on the street looking rather depressed. She takes out her phone & dials Hikaru's number. A recording message comes on "This is NTT Do Co Mo. The number you have dialed is not in used." Michi hangs up & presses a button. The screen on the phone says "Erase Memory Dial Data?" but she can't quite bring herself to erase the number. Sitting down on a stone bench of sorts along the sidewalk, she calls Masaru.

The phone in Masaru's home rings but no one answers & the answering machine comes on "This is Kitai, I'm not at home at the moment so please leave a message " Michi says "It's Michi." Masaru is at home & listens to Michi leaving the message. "About the wedding, I have something important to talk to you about. Please call me." Michi hangs up & Masaru stares at the phone for a while, then continues working on his computer. He can't concentrate & slams his file shut with a frustrated sigh

Michi at Kiriko's place is having dinner "Sorry, suddenly asked you to let me stay over " Kiriko brings out more food from the kitchen "Why so polite? Here, eat this!" she says, sitting down. Michi tells her "Your dinner is really delicious! If I were a guy, I'd definitely marry you!" Kiriko replies "But you're amazing, doing what you think." Michi suddenly looks pensive & Kiriko asks "What's wrong?" Michi replies "What I did, really lacked common sense seem to have lost my self confidence" Kiriko tells her "A teacher likes a student, what's wrong with that? An older woman together with a younger guy a bad thing? If that's the case it's weird I hope that you will always value your feelings." Michi smiles & says "Thank you, Kiriko." Kiriko then tells her "Come, eat some more! Cheer up!" Suddenly Kiriko takes a candle from the side & says to Michi "This scent is said to be able to cheer people up!" She turns away from Michi & takes lighter but as she's about to light the candle, she looks up, a rather evil looking expression on her face

On the way to school the next day, she greets a couple of students but they giggle to themselves & run off, ignoring her. She gets a little upset but then she sees Hikaru waiting for her, a smile on his face. Michi smiles & walks up to him "Good morning" Hikaru says "Good morning" & they both walk on together with Michi cheerily greeting other students "Good morning". She calls out "Kinoshita! Good morning" Kinoshita turns to look & Hikaru says "Morning" as well. Kinoshita looks undecided for a moment, then turns away. Michi & Hikaru walk into thru the gates & then pause for a second, they both show each other their rings & go their separate ways, smiling

Michi pauses outside the faculty room for a second before opening the door. With a determined look on her face she enters the room greeting everyone "Good morning" but all the teachers ignore her. She says "Good morning" to Matsuoka sensei but he uncomfortable packs his things & without saying anything goes to another part of the room. The lady teacher says "Hirose sensei" "Yes" replies Michi going over to her. The lady teacher says "Do you know why Okajima sensei isn't here today?" Michi turns to look at his desk & says "No" "He's been called up by the PTA. They want to know why he's been shielding a teacher that seduced a student. How would they be able to entrust their children to us? Because of you, we've got all these problems! All this, don't you forget it!" The bell chimes & Michi looks at the other teachers leaving the room. The lady teacher continues heatedly "If you don't want to quit that's fine. But the only thing you can do, is to sit here in this room all day, am I right?!" getting up & walking out of the room. Michi just stands there with a look on her face that suggests it's beginning to hit home that everything's not going to be all hunky-dory

The class is noisy with everyone chattering away but the moment Hikaru opens the door & steps in, everyone stops & stares. Hikaru stares back & as he goes to his place they start teasing "Really something huh! They're still holding hands! Really can't believe it! Nothing anyone can say will do any good! They're so in love the both of them can't hear anything!" Hikaru ignores everyone & sits at his place. "What are you doing! Class is starting!" shouts Matsuoka sensei coming into class "Get back to your seats! Hurry up! Take out your textbooks!" Hikaru takes out his book from his desk. "Turn to page 54 of your textbooks!" Hikaru flips thru his textbook & all the pages are ripped or have been scribbled on in ink. As Matsuoka says "Today, we'll be studying the Tenpyou culture of the Nara era." Hikaru comes across two pages written in red ink with the words sai-tei (despicable). He looks at the boys around him & they are sniggering. Matsuoka continues "The most important aspect is the influence of the Tang dynasty. It can be said that this intensified the internationalization of the culture " Hikaru turns back & quickly shoves the book back under his desk. Kinoshita looks at Hikaru & Matsuoka suddenly asks "Kurosawa! Where's your textbook?" All the students turn to look at him & after a while he says "I forgot it." The whole class sniggers as they know the truth. Matsuoka asks "Rather complacent aren't you?" & Hikaru protests "No!"in a tone that Matsuoka takes offense to. "What sort of attitude is that? Looking down on me!?" Hikaru remains silent & Matsuoka says "Stand up until the end of class!" & the whole class laughs at Hikaru. "Hurry up!" & Hikaru slowly stands up, the whole class still laughing. "Quiet! Now back to the culture start from the change of the country " Kinoshita looks at Hikaru, who looks really dejected

(-= CJ =- for the curious, Tenpyou culture is the Chinese influence on art, teachings, language etc on the Japanese.) 

Michi is sitting on a bench outside having a drink. A couple of other students are looking at her but when she looks up at them, they look away. She takes a sip & then sees Hikaru walking towards her. His pace quickens & with a smile he comes sit down beside her. Taking out some notes he asks her in a cheerful tone "Hey, this, why is it like this?" Michi looks a little uncomfortable but she explains "If you analyse this model, it's x 2 twice - 6x + 9, so there's an extra 9, so you'll have to take away the 9." Hikaru says "Ah, so that's it! So this is x 2 twice + 2y twice + 2x -4y + Ny " Michi looks on & says "You're really working hard." "I want to take the medical exam, & then eventually take over the hospital." "Eh?" says Michi surprised. Hikaru explains "Then maybe mom wouldn't mind us going out together. In any case, I'm going to get 100 marks for the next test!" "Really?" "No, maybe 80, 70 marks " "Really hopeless!" says Michi. "Can't be helped! My math is the worst!" replies Hikaru. Michi tells him "Alright, from now on, will seriously train you up!" & with a smile says "so, try this!" pointing to his notes. Hikaru says "uhm, for this one the method is " & Michi looks at him (-= CJ =- I really feel for Hikaru in this scene, the fact that he doesn't tell Michi he's being bullied but instead talks to her like nothing happened & tries to cheer her up.)

Back in the faculty room, Michi is sitting at her place & thinking. She flips thru a math workbook rather bored when she sees Kinoshita walking by. As usual, reading a book & walking at the same time, she turns around when Michi calls her "Kinoshita! What's wrong? It's Phys Ed now " but Kinoshita cuts her off "I don't like it, so I'm not going." She turns to go but Michi says "Can we talk for a bit?" & Kinoshita turns to look at her

In the faculty room, Michi asks Kinoshita "Lately you haven't been attending Phys Ed at all have you?" "That didn't I just say so just now?" "Just that?" "What is that supposed to mean?" Michi asks her "Is someone abusing you? You don't want anyone to know, so you don't attend class?" Kinoshita replies "You heard from Kurosawa? He tells you everything? But then again you're lovers, so that's natural!" Michi continues to probe "Who's doing this to you? Not one of your classmates by any chance? Please, don't suffer alone!" Kinoshita looks at Michi, as if wanting to confide in her but says instead "It's got nothing to do with you, you're no longer my teacher." Kinoshita gets up & as she walks out, Michi asks "May I go to your home for a visit? I would like to speak with your parents " Kinoshita turns around & says "Don't do that!" Michi stares at her shocked. Kinoshita says bitterly "Are you so free now that you can mind other people's affairs? Maybe being in the faculty room all day is fine for you, but Kurasawa in class no, in schoolis being bullied. Everyday that you don't quit, he suffers one more day." Michi looks shocked to hear this (-= CJ =- I can't believe that Michi's taken this long to realize Hikaru will be the target of bullying!)

Hikaru comes back into class from Phys Ed to find his uniform missing. He looks but not finding it turns to look at some of the other boys, not saying anything, the expression on his face says it all...

After school, Michi is waiting at their usual spot where they normally "escape" from school when Hikaru, still dressed in his Phys Ed outfit comes by "Sensei!" Michi asks "What happened?" "Didn't want it to be a bother so I didn't change" "Then what about tomorrow?" "I still have another uniform at home " answers Hikaru a little uncomfortable. He gives a little smile & turns to go, Michi following. He takes a few steps & then stops. A uniform, all dirtied & torn is hanging on the school fence. Hikaru stares at it, saying nothing, & Michi finally speaks "It's better I quit " Hikaru turns around & looks at her "What are you saying?" "But because of me " "If you quit, I won't study either!" "Don't do that!" "Then don't say that!" "But " "Why shouldn't we be open & unashamed? We're going out together!" His tone softens "So, I'll wait for you at the usual place" & goes off. Michi looks at him & then at the uniform

Michi goes home & her mom is surprised to see her "Michi!" Michi tells her "I've come to get a change of clothes." Her mom says "Where have you been? Come home. Do you still intend to fight with your father?" The phone rings but Michi's mom doesn't answer it. The answer machine comes on "No one's home right now, please leave your name & message after the tone" Michi asks her mom "Not answering?" but before she can reply, a man leaves a message "Go to hell! As her parents don't you feel ashamed? Your own daughter doing that sort of thing " Michi looks at her mom who says "It's ok already used to it, don't bother about it" "I'm sorry mom." "It doesn't matter" The phone rings again & Michi picks it up. Her mom says "wait!" but Michi speaks into the phone "Stop fooling around!" & listens then says "Hospital? Dad?"

Hikaru walks out of the lobby of his apartment & immediately his tutor Sugai follows. He turns around & says "How much is my mother paying you? I'm in a bad mood today. If you follow me, I don't know what I'll do to you." Sugai sniggers "What can you do to me?" Hikaru walks up to her & takes her glasses off & throws them onto the floor. Sugai bends down to pick it up but before she can do so, Hikaru steps on it, crushing them to bits. "What are you doing?" she asks, looking at Hikaru. But Hikaru merely says "It's ok, just tell my mother & she'll get you new ones." & walks off

At the hospital, the doctors tells Michi & her mother "Heard he suddenly passed out, also has a gastric ulcer, should be due to exhaustion, tension " "Thank you" they tell the doctor & go into the room. Michi's father is sleeping & Michi looks at him in silence

At the garage, Hikaru polishes his bike

Back at the hospital, Masaru visits "Is he alright?" Michi's mom answers "Yes" Masaru looks at Michi

Hikaru looks at his watch, waiting for Michi

At a cafi, (-= CJ =- finally not at the Witches restaurant!) Michi returns the engagement ring to Masaru saying to him "Can't go back anymore. My feelings, even the school " Masaru cuts her off "I heard from Kiriko, can't believe it, you doing that but it's just that you must be a little confused right now, what could you possible do with someone younger than you, be responsible for your lives, could he protect you forever? Could he make you happy forever?" "Masaru, I'm serious " But Masaru half yells at her "I can't do without you!" & everyone else turns to look at them. He calms down but tells Michi "I'll never give you up!" pushing the ring across the table towards her, then getting up & leaving. Michi gets up "Masaru!" going after him but her phone rings. Michi answers "Hello" "It's me, where are you now?" "I'm sorry, can't go today." "Why?" "Dad passed out." Hikaru is silent & finally Michi continues "Perhaps we shouldn't see each other for a while" "What's that!? Why do you say that?" "Because of me, everyone around me is getting hurt " "Because you're afraid?" & when Michi doesn't answer Hikaru says "Say something!" "In any case, right now, sorry, I'm hanging up." "Wait" but Michi hangs up.

Kiriko helps Masaru who's had a bit too much to drink, up a flight of stairs. "Absurd! What am I doing? Really! Nothing's going right!" says Masau, sitting down at the top of the stairs. Kiriko tells him "Nothing's ever gone smooth for me." Sitting down next to Masaru Kiriko says "When I take the train, the seat in front of me always full." They both laugh & Kiriko continues " But other's are always empty. Those who board later always have a seat immediately. Even when I get a seat, old men would pretend to fall asleep on my shoulders. Last time it was both shoulders! Both sides!" Masaru looks at her & suddenly kisses her, & hugs her. She says "Masaru, I I" & suddenly Masaru pulls back "Sorry, I've had too much to drink! Forget it." Standing up he says again "Sorry", takes his briefcase & walks off

Hikaru is playing at the arcade. Finishing a game, he turns to leave but sees his classmates "Kurosawa! Waiting for your date? Or waiting for Michi & then going to a hotel?" They laugh but Hikaru doesn't say anything. They continue teasing him "What happened? Looking miserable, been dumped? Ah, poor thing! Was expected! Forget him, let's go!" Hikaru gets mad & goes after one of the boys, grabs him by the collar & punches him...

At the hospital, Hikaru is sitting alone & his mother comes running. She says to a police officer "I'm Kurosawa's mother " The officer tells her "The boy who was hit, his head wounds needed stitches." "Is that so?" "Since it's between classmates, we won't be investigating any further." "Thank you, sorry" Kyoko apologies to the officer. She turns to look at Hikaru but then the door opens & the other boy comes out with his mother. Kyoko goes up to them & apologizes "I'm Kurosawa, very sorry." The boy's mother says "How did you bring him up?! You parents are too lax, that's why he & that teacher ended up in such a mess! Has become a child who knows no shame!" & then to the boy "Let's go!" Hikaru finally looks up & sees his mother going after them apologizing "I'm sorry"

Hikaru comes into his mother's office. Kyoko is sitting on the sofa thinking. Hikaru says quietly "Sorry" Kyoko asks "Do you really want to give me that much trouble? Do you really hate me that much?" Hikaru says "That's not it. It's just that I'm serious about sensei " "Don't talk to me about that!" says Kyoko. Standing up she tells him "Why won't you understand me? About you, I " but then turns away & says "That teacher, about you, she also feels " Kyoko turns around & stares at Hikaru for the longest while, then suddenly goes out. She shuts the door & leans on it. Inside, Hikaru looks at the ring he's wearing

(-= CJ =- just reading the above what Kyoko says possibly doesn't make sense, but the undertone implies that she loves Hikaru more than a mother should.) 

Kyoko rushes into Godai's office. He's surprised "What's wrong?" but Kyoko doesn't answer, just goes up to him & starts kissing him. Godai tells her "I'm standing on your side. I won't let him leave you." At the hospital, Michi is by her father's bedside. Michi's mom comes in & tells her "You should go home & rest. You look like you're ready to pass out anytime." "Mom, what should I do? The more I listen to my own feelings, the more I hurt the people around me." "Don't worry about the people around you." "Eh?" "Because one lives, there will always be those who will be hurt. The most important thing is, how you treat the person you love most. I don't really understand, but going on like this the more stubborn you are, the more that boy will be hurt" Michi's father stirs. "Are you alright?" asks his wife. "Ah" "Good, I'll go call the nurse." & goes out. He turns & sees Michi, then looks away

(-= CJ =- Michi's mom is a cool lady!)

At home in her room, Michi is deep in thought. She looks up into the mirror

The phone rings & Hikaru answers "Yes". "Hello" says Michi. Hikaru recognizes her & quickly says "It's me. Where are you now?" Michi doesn't answer his question but tells him "I've decided to resign from school." "What's that?" "I've already decided" "Don't simply decide!" "This is also better for your sake" "Don't use me as an excuse!" They are both silent for a while then Hikaru says "You said you loved me in front of everyone, was that a lie?" "Wasn't a lie!" "Then why?" Another silence & then Hikaru says "I want to see you. I want to see you!" just as his mother walks in but he doesn't see her. She leaves & Michi says "Wait a bit more, until I've sorted out things give it some time, it'll be better for us!" Hikaru says "If that's the case then what difference would I be from your other male friends? I understand. I won't see you anymore." "What do you mean?" "Nothing to do you!" replies Hikaru, tossing the phone onto the table.

Hikaru goes into his room & grabs some clothes from the chest of drawers. As he puts it into his bag, he pulls out his sketch book. He looks his sketch & then rips it up. He comes out & leaves the house, Kyoko sitting in the living room but not saying a word

Hikaru goes to the garage but his bike isn't there he runs out & when he gets to a field he sees something burning. Running up to it he sees it's his bike. He tries to put it out with his jacket but it makes no difference. It falls to the side, burning "Why?" Hikaru looks at it & then shouts "Why do this?" going done on his knees, crying "Why?"

In the faculty room, Michi hands in her resignation letter to Okajima. "Sorry for all the troubles I've caused." "What do you plan to do?" "For the time being, I'll be looking after my father." All the teachers look at her. Okajima says "I'll pay him a visit soon" "Thank you" replies Michi. As she turns around, all the teachers look away but Michi says "Thank you" anyway.

Michi closes the door & walks down the corridor. She sees Kyoko walking towards her & passes right by her without a word. Hikaru is looking outside the window & when Michi walks by, sees him. She stares at him & finally Hikaru notices her. "What's happening?" asks Michi. "Here to hand in the letter for leaving school." "Eh?" "It's been decided that I'll go to America to study." "Is that really ok?" Hikaru turns away from the window & says "Doesn't matter, can't stand this school anymore, even if I stay there's nothing to do! My bike was also burnt. In the end, I still couldn't find a place of freedom. In any case it's my fault. Everyone hates me, that's why they're doing this. So I won't do anything, just be quiet, depend on my mother my whole life. Goodbye sensei." says Hikaru finally looking up at her. He looks surprised to see tears in Michi's eyes but says again "Goodbye" & walks down the corridor. Michi looks at Hikaru & finally after the longest while, with tears falling down her face looks at her ring & says "There is!" Hikaru stops. Michi says "There is definitely a place of freedom!" Hikaru turns around & Michi runs towards him. She says "Let's go?" She takes his hand & says "The two of us, let's go together!" & pulls him, running out...

In class Matsuoka is teaching history "With regards to the Heian era, the first government & culture...due to that influence Kyouto is " he looks out the window & shocked at what he sees. He tells the class "Study by yourselves!" & runs out. All the students including Kinoshita go to the window & look out to see Hikaru & Michi running away hand in hand. Kinoshita gives a hint of a smile

In the faculty room, Kyoko hands over the letter to Okajima who says "It's unfortunate that it's come to this." Matsuoka runs in suddenly saying "Hirose sensei & Kurosawa!" & runs to the window. Kyoko gets up & runs out of the school after them, just in time to see Hikaru & Michi run out past the school gates together

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