Frequently Asked Questions

Why This Site?

Since Fuji-TV, Inc. and KTSF Channel 26 pages don't really reflect what's being broadcast, I decided to write and maintain my own Japanese TV in the Bay Area schedule.
TTV's home page has an updated schedule of those programs sponsored by Tokyo TV San Francisco.
I have no relationship with KTSF Channel 26, Fuji TV, Inc., TTV or any of the entities producing these shows or their sponsors.
This site is a personal effort for all the fans of Japanese Dramas in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Send mail to (delete the _ before sending your message) if you find any additional information about Japanese programming on television (to all the people who sent mail with their thanks : arigato gozaimashita!)

Note on Subtitles

Programs marked with the Fujisankei logo (  ) are produced by Fuji TV. Some of them (like Iron Chef) used to have English subtitles. Unfortunately, Fuji TV decided in mid 1998 to remove the subtitles from their programming. They explain their reasons in the following page.
Additional details and some history are available at the Iron Chef subtitle page.
Other programs, mostly produced by NHK, TBS or NTV, are acquired after they have been subtitled by companies in Hawaii. Whether this will continue in the future is still unclear. Apparently NHK is committed to continue the subtitling of their year-long historical drama, for cultural reasons.
As more programming becomes available via direct-satellite broadcasting (TVJapan broadcasts NHK shows 22 hours a day using Dish Network), it's likely that more and more programs will be shown live, rather than acquired and broadcast via local stations (this is what happened to Italian programming on KTSF).

Note on Airing Times and Dates

Although I try to be as precise as possible, I have no better information on what is shown and when than most other viewers. Many things can affect the airing time, including time of commercials, different duration of previous programs, special events etc. Therefore the airing times are somewhat approximate. I will adjust them as I measure the actual airing time over a few weeks.

Occasionally, some programs are preempted or change day.
KTSF has been known to preempt their weekend programming for coverage of Jewish, Chinese and other festivities. Usually an announcement is made one or two week-end before.
Also, look for special Japanese programming on selected holidays, like the "Red-and-White Song Contest" on Jan. 1st, or variety and feature films on other US national holidays. These programs are usually shown in the afternoon.

Note on Show Titles

Each program may be known under several names: the Japanese title, the English title as suggested by the producer of the show, and the English title as seen by viewers when the show is aired. This last one is usually determined by the company that performs the subtitling.
On this page I used the titles of the show as it was aired on KTSF. Following the link to the producer's page, you may see a different title for the same show. If you have seen the program you'll recognize it by reading the synopsis. This is the main reason why each show has a link to the producer's page.

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