This page used to show the actual KTSF Japanese TV schedule.

After 4 years of service, considering the poor quality of the shows presented by KTSF,
and that Fuji TV Japan continues to prevent its subtitled shows from being shown in the US,
I've decided to take this page down.

Thank you for your support. I will keep the other sections of my web site open:

  Search the database to know which actor/actress appeared in which show, among other information.

  The Directory of Synopses lists other web sites that have synopses of past dramas.

  My collection, so that I know which drama I have on tape, which on CD and other info.

  My tribute to "Aoi Tori", one of my favorite dramas.

  Old KTSF shows, to know if and when a particular drama was shown on KTSF.

  A history to know which drama aired on which station and when it aired. Inevitably incomplete.

  The Dorama Poll, if you're curious about who whatches doramas, why and where.

Established : February 1, 1999 - Retired : January 18, 2003