Train Director has an associated discussion group, where users can
  • share opinions on the program, tricks about creating scenarios, and comments on the existing scenarios.
  • to notify users when a new version of Train Director becomes available.
  • to notify users that a new scenario is available. Many authors prefer to upload their work on the Files area of the group to make them immediately available to all the users, even before I can add them to the layout directory page.
  • to share other files such as icons, documents and images related to railroad simulaton (such as official timetables, stations plans etc.)

You can read the messages without subscribing, but in this case you won't be able to send messages to other users or upload files. This limitation is necessary to avoid "spam" messages. To avoid these limitations you can subscribe to the group:

Subscribe to the Traindir3 group
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After entering your e-mail in the box above and clicking on the "Subscribe" button you'll receive messages posted on the discussion group, avoiding the need to check the web site to see if something's new.

Visit the group

The Traindir 3 discussion groups is now hosted on Google Groups

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