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Read the License for important information regarding the use of RecStudio.

RecStudio for Windows 98 :
REC 1.6 for Linux : for Red Hat 7.1
REC 1.6 for Windows 95 :  
REC 1.6 for Solaris SPARC : rec16sp.tar.Z (tar+compress)
REC 1.5f for Solaris i386 : rec15fsi.taz (gzip+tar) (zip format)
REC 1.5d for SunOS : rec15ds4.taz (gzip+tar format)
(Files are from 120 to 500 kbyte. Each file contains the REC executable, prototype files for Linux and Windows, and a 386 example executable).

You can also download just the prototype files.

These files contain the types and function declarations for several system calls. When a prototype file is specified in the types: command of a .cmd file, or in the proto.lst file, REC will read the symbolic information from that file and use it to infer the number and type of local variables and function parameters.

Type files:

Linux + Windows type files (140k) or recsupp.taz (gzip+tar format)
Linux only type files (18k) recsuppl.taz (gzip+tar format)
Windows only type files (120k)

Due to copyright restrictions, the Windows prototype files are only available in binary form.

The MIPS disassembler source is also available.

From version 2.1, RecStudio uses the disassembler included in the Netwide Assembler package (version 0.98.39). The project to build the ia32 disassembler as a DLL is available here. No other portions of NASM are used in RecStudio. The Netwide Assembler can be downloaded from
At this time the other disassemblers are still statically linked in the RecStudio executable, although eventually they'll be made available as shared libraries.

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