RecStudio and Third Party Software

The largest part of REC and RecStudio was entirely written by me over the course of many years.
Over time, useful software components have become available that could have improved Rec.
For some time I was using the GNU x86 disassembler from the gdb distributions, until I was notified to remove the GNU covered sources from REC or make the REC sources available to the public under the GPL.
Although the main part of REC was totally independent from the GNU disassembler, I obliged and replaced the GNU disassembler.
Now REC uses the x86 disassembler from the NetASM distribution. (It's actually part of a sub-component of NASM, namely NDisasm). Since NASM is LGPL at the time of this writing, I'm providing the sources and project files needed to compile the x86 DLL (ia32dis.dll) used by the REC application.

I would also like to recognize the developers of the free CSizingControlBar MFC classes, which I found on Code Guru, and is now hosted at DataMekanix.