The American Airlines plane takes off, Kyoko watching it from the viewing gallery. She turns around & sees Michi walking up to her. Michi says "Please! Tell me his address!" but Kyoko merely turns away, not answering. Michi goes up to her & says "He lied for my sake! You should know that!" Kyoko replies "Ithink it's a good thing that Hikaru & you never meet again. Being apart for a while, Hikaru will forget you tooI said so before, I will never let you have Hikaru" & walks off. Michi turns around angrily & says "You're not a mother! You're only a woman! An insane woman!" Kyoko pauses for a moment, then walks off without saying anything, leaving Michi staring at her

(-= CJ =- Sara mo ki kara ochiru...pot calling the kettle black...)

Michi walks along a path beside a park despondently, not taking any notice of the many salary men busily walking along. One bumps into her but continues walking, Michi takes two steps & then stops. Looking up at the trees, her vision blurs, her eyes close, she falls to her knees & then onto her side

Kinoshita comes running down the corridor of the hospital & sees Michi's mom waiting. She asks anxiously "How's sensei?" Just then the doctor comes out of the room & tells them "Don't worry, she's just over exhausted, also seems like she hasn't been eating wellshe's asleep now" Michi's mom says "Is that so?" Kinoshita looks relieved. The doctor then says "But I think that when she wakes up it's better to have a complete examination done again" Michi's mom looks worried "What's wrong?" He says "Your daughter's pregnant" Michi & Kinoshita look shockedMichi's asleep & her mom comes in with Kinoshita. Michi's mom touches Michi's hair & face & then takes a sit on a stool by the bed. In Michi's hand is Hikaru's ring & Kinoshita takes itboth of them looking at Michi

It's morning & Michi finally opens her eyes. Her mother calls "Michi" & she turns to look at her mother who asks "How are you feeling?" Michi asks "Iwhy?" Her mother smiles "You have me a scare, suddenly heard that you fainted" Michi remembers & then suddenly looks at her hand & then at the tableside, sitting up in bed. Kinoshita holds out a string with Hikaru's ring tied to it "Like thisit won't get lost" & puts it around Michi's neck. Michi takes the ring, looking at it says "Thank you" Michi's mom says "Michi, you'repregnant" Michi hears but calmly says "Is that so" "What do you intend to do? It's notMasaru's?" asks her mom but Michi shakes her head "I know (who's the father)"

At home, Michi's father looks through the mail & comes across one addressed to Michi. Turning the letter behind he sees the name 'Kurosawa Hikaru'. He ponders for a moment & then opens the envelope, taking out the letter & reading it. Hikaru's voice says "Right now, I'm at Narita writing this letter" Scene changes to show Hikaru writing a letter at Narita. "I lied to you like that...I'm really sorry. But besides doing this, I don't know of another way to help sensei. This is what I thought. I want to be smarter, then maybe I can better convince those around us." Scene changes to Michi having a scan of the baby. "& also be able to make you happyI will stay in Los Angeles & study hard" Scene changes to Michi's mom tidying up Michi's hospital bed "When sensei's parents start to accept me a little, I will come back." Scene changes to Hikaru at the Narita airport viewing gallery "One year later, when I'm 18, I will come back for youthat time, we'll find our place of freedom." Michi comes out from having the scan done & walks back to her room "Before then, I hope you will believe in me & wait (for me), I hope that you'll think the ring as me, & wait for me." Michi's father finishes reading the letter as Kinoshita comes by. She stands just outside the living room & sees him fold the letter & put it in his pocket

Michi enters her room to see someone sitting by her bed. That person turns around & it's Kiriko. Michi's mom comes in carrying a vase of flowers "Kiriko took time off from work & brought such beautiful flowers. Beautiful! Thank you very much!" Kiriko looks at Michi, who just looks back at her, not saying a word

At the lobby of the hospital looking out into the park outside, Michi & Kiriko sit & talk. Kiriko says "I'm sorry, MichiI never thought it would turn out like this" Michi asks "Why? I trusted youI really trusted you, that's why I asked you to help me." Kiriko takes out a cigarette & starts smoking, not replying. Michi continues "Why did you do that?" Kiriko answers "You still don't understandI've always loved Masarucompared with this, you can say I was jealous of you." Michi's surprised "Eh?" Kikoko tells her "You're always getting what you want from everyone around youbut you think this is only naturalI really resent your attitudethat's why, I wanted you to know what it was like not getting what you wantedyou're beginning to understand what I feel now? That's that, I guess our friendship ends herewell then, take care" Kiriko leaves, Michi speechless

As Masaru come out from the office he sees Kiriko & they both stop, Masaru looking embarrassed. He awkwardly walks past Kiriko, not saying anything but she tells him "Seems like Michi's pregnant." He stops. Kiriko continues "She's been released because that kid's gone to America. Don't worry, I didn't tell her that we slept together." Masaru turns around to look at her. "I've forgotten about it" says Kiriko, turning to look at Masaru "that's better for you too isn't it"

Kyoko walks into a meeting "Sorry to keep you waiting" & walks to the head of the table. She says "Before we start I'd like to say somethingmy son has gone to Los Angeles to study, it's a little bit of a problem but I'm going to Los Angeles for a week" One of the doctors say "If that's the case, then why not just stay there?" Kyoko is surprised "Eh?" Another doctor stands up & tells her "This meeting todayis actually to ask you for your resignation, the reason being that the hospital has been running at a loss for quite a long time. We've put forward proposals for changes, not only did you not take note of them but neither did you adopt any measuresthis responsibility is yours" Kyoko interrupts "Wait a minute! I've discussed this with you all along" but another doctor says "Right now, we'll take a vote for or against" & all the doctors raise their hands. Kyoko looks around the table & finally rests her eyes on Godai. He looks at her, & then raises his hand. A doctor says "Everyone's decided that you'll resign. Then meeting dismissed." & all the doctors get up & leave. Kyoko stands up "Wait a minute! What on earth is this!? What is this?!" but they all ignore her

Godai is in Kyoko's office when she enters "It's all your doing isn't it!" Godai replies "Sorry, I tried my best" "In any case you know that the new director would be you." Godai says "It's you who did wrong, you only cared about Hikaru & neglected the hospital" as he walks around & sits at the desk. Kyoko loses her cool "& who said 'Leave the hospital to me, it'll be alright.' ?! " Godai tells her "You should have looked at me then & not just cared about your son all the timeif you had only loved me, things wouldn't have turned out like thisforget it, just leave the hospital, live your life as you wishor would you like to go back to being a nurse? You can come back anytime" Kyoko slaps him, insulted but he merely smirks. Kyoko leaves & alone, Godai laughs

A guy enters into a dorm room & flops onto a bed. Hikaru is unpacking, his things on the other bed. He puts some books & magazines on the table & is sorting them out when he comes across a book with the Creation of Man on the cover. He sits at the desk & flips thru it, coming across another photograph of him & Michi together stuck in between the pages. He takes it & looks at it. The phone rings & his room mate answers the phone "Yeah what's up?" "Phone call from Japan" "Hold on just a second. Hey kid, telephone" & Hikaru takes it "Thank you" Kyoko asks "Hello Hikaru? How are you?" Hikaru merely grunts "Uhm" "What time is it there now?" "11 at night" "What are you doing now? Studying?" Hikaru looks at the photo on the table & says "Uhm" "I'm coming over next week" "It's alright, if there's anything I'll let you know" "You don't want to see me?" Hikaru's surprised "Eh?" "You also think that I'm in your way?" Hikaru asks "What's happened?" but Kyoko doesn't answer. "Mom?" "Nothing, nothing happened" Kyoko finally answers "Right, when I arrive there, maybe I can have a good rest. Rare that mother & son can have some time togetherIf I can be by your side, I don't need anythingnot possible?" Hikaru looks at the photo again & then says "Yes." Kyoko smiles, relieved "Thank you" After a pause, Hikaru says "Well, I have to get back to studying" "Uhm, work hard! I'll call you again" & hangs up. She looks out the window, upset

Hikaru takes the photo & looks at it, & then looks out the window

As Kyoko looks out the window, Sugai comes in. Kyoko turns around & is surprised at Sugai's appearance. Her glasses are gone & she's more dressed up, completely different from the dowdy image she had before. Kyoko takes an envelope from the table & gives it to her "Thank you for the hard work". Sugai opens the envelope, takes out the money & tosses it into the air. Kyoko is shocked & turns around to look at Sugai who says "It wasn't for money that I helped youI only wanted to see a happy family break apart" Kyoko asks "What are you saying?" "You wouldn't understandthe feeling of losing one's parents when younghaving to live with relatives & to be brought up by themnot only that, you don't even understand the feelings of your own child." Kyoko finally says "What do you mean?" Sugai tells her "Hikaru didn't leave that teacher, in truth, the person he left is youhe won't come back againyou've lost everything" Having said that, Sugai leaves, Kyoko is shocked & falls to her knees

Michi is discharged from the hospital & is leaving with her mom. Her mom says to her "Sit here for a bit, I have to go to the ladies" Michi sits & turns around to look at a woman holding a sleeping baby. She looks beyond & see Masaru outside

Going outside, Masaru says to her "Is the baby mine?" but Michi shakes her head. Masaru asks "How do you know? Have to checked?" Michi tells him "I don't have to do that to know. The baby is mine & his" Michi's mom comes out just in time to hear Masaru say "Then, let's raise the baby togetherI can be the child's father as well" Michi asks "What are you saying?" "That boy's left you & gone to Americathat kind of a person can become a father? Let's do this, this is the best way" Michi's mom comes up to them & says "Masaruplease forget about Michi. I'm really sorry..." & leads Michi into a taxi, leaving Masaru standing there

Arriving home Michi's mom says "We're home" Kinoshita greets them "Welcome back" helping them with all the bags. Michi's father tells her "Get rid of the baby." & her mom answers "What are you saying this all of a sudden?" "That boy is not coming back, having a child with no father will only bring unhappiness" Michi says firmly "I'm having the baby" "What are you saying?" "I can raise the child myself, I won't bother you" she tells her father. He says "You think we'll allow it?" but Michi replies "This is my life!" Her father explodes "If you think that, it's hard on ussimply hurting those around youjust because it's your own life you tell us not to bother you...doing as you please! If that's the way you want it, then this father & daughter relationship is over!" Michi's mom tries to stop him "Wait a minute! She just came back from the hospital" "You keep quiet!" he tells her. "Please calm down & talk it over slowlythis is an important matter" "Why are you always protecting her?!" "Because you're always angry with her." "You think this is my mistake?" "This problemmay be just so" "What?!" "You think that whatever you think is correct" He loses his temper & slaps her. She falls & Michi grabs a hold of her. He says angrily "If you stand on her side as well, then get out of the house!" & goes out of the room in a huff, leaving everyone upset

Upstairs, Michi sits alone on the floor next to the bed. Kinoshita comes in "Are you alright?" Michi smiles & takes Hikaru's ring around her neck & says "I have this" Kinoshita comes by & sits next to her. Michi continues "As long as I have this, I feel like he's next to me feel like he's by my side, protecting me" Kinoshita looks sad

The next morning, Kinoshita wakes up, looks at the clock & then turns around. Michi isn't there & the bed has not been slept in

In the living room, Michi's mom is on the phone "Well, if she looks for you, could you please let us know? Thank you" & hangs up. She says "I've called all the places I can think of." The phone rings & Michi's mom picks it up "Hello?" Michi calls from a phone booth by a busy intersection. "Mom" "Michi! Where are you now?" "Looks like I still have to live alone" "What are you saying?" "If I'm around, I'll only hurt everyone in the end" "No such thing! Michi, please come home" "I won't call again, & I won't depend on you anymore" "Michi, wait!" "Thanks for everythingmom" & she's about to hang up when she hears Kinoshita's voice "Hello sensei? Didn't you tell me before? That I am not alone? Sensei too! No one can live alone! Please, come home!" Kinoshita & her parents are silent. Michi smiles & says "Thank youbut I can only do this" "Sensei!" "Goodbye" "Hello, hello sensei!" but Michi hangs up. Kinoshita puts the phone down, Michi walks off alone into the crowd

(-= CJ =- I don't know why but I found this scene really touching...especially Kinoshita...)

Kinoshita walks home but as she walks up to the front of the house, she sees Sugai standing outside dropping a letter into the mailbox. Kinoshita quickly hides from Sugai & then watches as Sugai walks away. Kinoshita takes the envelope & sees it addressed to 'Hirose Michi' It's unsealed & Kinoshita opens it. Written on the letter is Hikaru's address & contact number in Los Angeles

(-= CJ =- Hmmm, from where I come from Sunrise 'Boulvard' is spelt 'Boulevard')

Hikaru is studying when the phone rings. A robotic sounding voice answers "Phone call from Japan" when Hikaru picks it up. "Hello" "It's Kinoshita" Hikaru is surprised "How did you get my number?" "It'll take a long time to explain so I only want to say something importantsensei's missing" "Eh?" "Where she's gone, no one knows" "How come? I wrote a letter to her & explained that I'll come back after a year" "Sensei is pregnant" "Eh?" "It's yoursshe's going to have the baby, & live aloneuntil when do you intend to keep studying over there? The only person who can help sensei is you & only you"

Hikaru comes home & meets Kinoshita. As they sit in a park & go through addresses & phonebooks, Kinoshita's voice says "I've already been to the apartment where you stayed before & maternity hospitals but didn't find anything. But today, I heard a rumor at school todaysomeone called & checked up on sensei's work experience" Scene shows both Kinoshita & Hikaru showing Michi's photo to some people, trying to locate her. "Maybe she's gone to some tuition agency to find work" Kinoshita & Hikaru split up & go different ways to look

At what looks like a tuition agency, when Hikaru shows Michi's photo, a man says "That person came here for an interview" "& then?" "Rejected." Hikaru asks "Why?" "She couldn't explain the reason for resigning. After we called to check, we found out she ran off with a high school studenthaving done that sort of thing, no one will ever employ herthis kind of rumor spreads really fast"

At a restaurant, a waitress goes into the kitchen "Order please! A plate of french fries please!" "Alright!" answer the cooks. In a corner washing dishes is Michi. Her supervisor comes up to her & says "How is it? Tired? Don't over do it" "I'm fine" replies Michi. He says "But someone like you, shouldn't you be able to get a better job?" Michi says "But here there's a place for employees to stay, & I don't know how to drink either" "Afraid your boyfriend won't like it? I'm sorry, I don't mean to pryif you're ever in trouble, let me know anytime" "Thank you"

(-= CJ =- Michi's getting hit on by this guy, what a slime bag.)

Michi returns home, walking up a flight of stairs of a 2 story dilapidated looking building. She goes into a very bare apartment & turns on the light. Sitting down in the middle of the room, next to a table, she puts her hand on her stomach

Hikaru goes into a hotel room (looks similar to the one he & Michi stayed in before when they first ran away) & sits down on the bed. He looks at his hand, the ring isn't hereMichi lies down in the middle of the roomHikaru lies down on the bed

At a clinic, a lady doctor tells Michi "You don't look too well, is work a little too much?" Michi nods but says "But it's alright." The doctor warns her "It's a very important time, please don't over do it" Michi nods & says "Yes"

At work, Masaru tells his boss "I'm very sorry" "The wedding's cancelledwhat happened?" "A lot of things have happenedright now, I'll continue working very hard" Masaru goes back to his place, his colleagues looking at him. At his desk he picks up a file & as he flips through it, he looks up to see Hikaru looking at him

Masaru & Hikaru go up to the rooftop to talk. Masaru says "How would I know where Michi is? Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you." Hikaru looks at him, & then looks at the view saying "Iregret leaving senseiI thought of helping sensei, but ended up only causing her more painIdon't know what to do nowfeels like I can't do anything in the future either" Turning back to look at Masaru he asks "Why do you work at a bank? What sort of dream do you have, working as a banker? Being able to do this job, do you feel happy?" Masaru looks like all this has never occurred to him before & replies "Sorry, I don't have the time to discuss this with you" & leaves, Hikaru looking at him

Kinoshita goes to Kiriko's place. Kiriko gives her some documents "This is the list of names from her university." Kinoshita says "Thank you, then we'll try to contact them" Kiriko says "Although I don't think she would depend on her friends" Kinoshita asks "Why did you resign from the bank?" "I was planning to resign & go back to my hometown, go for an arranged marriage meetingin the end, it's all I can doin any case, even if I'm not here it wouldn't affect anyone" Kinoshita gets annoyed with Kiriko & tells her "Don't talk about run away (from difficulties)! Because of people like you, women get looked down onthe person you are nowyou're exactly like the sensei that Kurosawa met at the beginning" Kinoshita leaves after telling off Kiriko, who just sits in the room, smoking a cigarette

(-= CJ =-  Kinoshita = cool beans!)

Michi comes up the stairs to find her supervisor waiting outside her apartment with a bunch of flowers. She says in surprised "Tenchou" (literally the chief / head of a store = 'supervisor' of sorts) He says to her "I was around the areathis" & gives her the flowers. Going into the apartment, Michi opens the window as he says "I didn't know how you were doing, living here so I was a little worriedhow is it?" Michi brings in some clothes replying "it's ok" He walks into the room & says "A woman's house always neat & tidy as expected" Michi says uncomfortably "I'm sorry, I have to get ready to for work" "I'm sorry" & he goes, Michi turns to get something from the chest of drawers. He turns around to look at her & then runs in & grabs her from behind. Michi struggles "Wait! Please stop!" but he says "I love you!" not letting her go. Struggling Michi yells "What are you saying?!" "You'll know in a while!" Michi manages to push him off "Don't talk rubbish!" He falls & gets angry "Do you know what will happen if you go against me? You'll be fired! You'll have to leave here! Is that alright?! I'm not asking you for anything, just go out with me!" He goes up to her & rips her shirt off, going on top of Michi as she screams "Stop it! Stop it!" She manages to get away from him & runs out leaving the guy angry, grabbing the flowers & flinging them all over the place. As Michi runs down the stairs, Hikaru's ring that she wears around her neck drops onto the stairs. A few kids are playing nearby, Michi just running away

(-= CJ =- Geez, I don't know much about babies but can it take all this activity???)

Entering a playground, she stops, panting. She puts her hand on her chest & realizes that she's dropped Hikaru's ring. She turns around looking at the ground, searching for it

Hikaru's walking around. At an overhead bridge he stops & looks at Michi's photo. Taking it out of the holder, he unfolds it, it's the photo of the both of them. He walks into a playground. A ball rolls by & he picks it up. A little girl comes up & Hikaru gives the ball to her. As she says "Thank you" Hikaru sees his ring on a string around the little girl's neck. He stops her & taking the ring he asks "Where did you get this?"

The little girl & another friend point the way up the stairs of Michi's apartment & Hikaru runs up the stairs saying "Thank you" He runs to Michi's apartment & bangs on the door "Sensei! Sensei!" A neighbor comes out & tells Hikaru "Hirose sensei just left a while ago with all her things" Hikaru's surprised "Eh?" Going into the room, he sees it in a mess. He stoops down in the middle of the room, then looks at the ring

Hikaru goes to the amusement park & looks up at the ferries wheel. It's night & all the lights on the wheel are lighted up. He sits outside, looking at the ring. He doesn't see Michi, who's sitting a little distance away, also looking at her ring. The both of them sit there the whole time, not knowing the other person is barely a few steps away. Finally the lights of the ferries wheel & the amusement park go out & they both awaken from their reverie. They both look at the ferries wheel & then get up to leave. As Hikaru gets into a waiting taxi, Michi happens to turn & look "Hikaru?" She realizes it's Hikaru & shouts again "Hikaru!" but the taxi pulls away. She runs after the taxi yelling "Hikaru!" but she trips & falls, yelling "Hikaru!" with tears in her eyes as the taxi goes out of sightall of a sudden she hears Hikaru shout "Sensei!" She looks up & she sees Hikaru running towards her yelling "Sensei! Sensei!" They finally embrace & Michi cries "Please! Don't ever leave me alone again! Please!" Hikaru, also in tears says "I'm sorryI'm an idiot, can't do anything but I won't lie to you againI won't leave you againuntil I die, I'll stay by sensei's sideby sensei's& our baby's side" They finally move apart & kisssuddenly Michi loses consciousness & slides to the ground, Hikaru holding on to her. He calls her "Sensei!" & sees her holding on to her stomach. Michi's eyes remain close, Hikaru holding on to her, yelling "Sensei! Sensei!"

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