Episode 2


(Unfortunately, my VCD is missing a couple of scenes at the start of this episode trying to get a copy that isn't cut. From what I've learnt from friends & others who've seen it, this is what I'm missing

Michi gets into a taxi & tells the driver "For the time being, just drive" when the driver asks her where she wants to go. While in the taxi, she gets a call from Masaru but doesn't answer it. She ends up going to the same beach that Hikaru brought her to the day she cut classes & lies down on the sand, recalling the day they spent together. Then Michi hears the sound of a bike, looks up to see & it's Hikaru. He asks "What are you doing here?" "I didn't meet Masaru's parents came here instead". Seeing blood on Hikaru's cut lip she takes her handkerchief from her pocket & tries to clean it for him. Hikaru tries to refuse but Michi tells him "don't move". Staring at the necklace around Michi's neck & the engagement ring on her finger, he then asks Michi "Show me the ring". When Michi takes it off & hands it to him, he puts it in his mouth and swallows it. Michi is shocked but then Hikaru opens his hand & the ring is there. He runs off with it & Michi goes after him, both tumbling in the sand with Michi ending up on top of Hikaru )

Michi gets off Hikaru & standing up, says "I shouldn't run away have to face & accept reality." Hikaru gets up & looks at her. Michi continues "So, you shouldn't hide things from your mom your future, your feelings, just talk with her & I'm sure she'll understand you." Hikaru says "The way you're talking has changed." "Eh?" "Sound like a teacher " "But of course, I'm your teacher & you're my student "

Hikaru takes Michi back on his bike

Michi comes home & goes into the living room "I'm home". Both her parents are waiting for her, "Michi" her mother says in surprise. "Sorry, something happened with the new transfer student, had to go to the police, some problems with the previous school students got beat up" Michi rattles on coming up with an explanation. Her mother tells her "You should've at least called! Masaru was so worried, he's called a few times already!" "Sorry" Michi apologizes again. Her father is furious "Because of youit was humiliating! Do you understand? How do you expect me to explain to Masaru's parents? They were only available today, terribly difficult to meet up!" Michi says "Sorry, I will apologize properly to them later." Her father continues "It's good to be passionate about your students, but you also have to consider the circumstances!" "Sorry" says Michi again. Her mom gets up & trying to diffuse the situation says to her husband "The bath is ready" but he explodes & scolds her instead "You're too soft with her!" & storms out of the room, breaking a tea mug in the process. Michi's mom goes pick up the shattered mug & asks Michi "Do you really want to get married? Do you really love Masaru?" "Mom, what are you saying!? That's obvious ins't it?" "That's good then" "What are you saying? Mom you're being strange" Michi says uneasily

Hikaru comes home, goes into the kitchen & gets a glass of water, the cut on his lip smarting when he drinks. His mother comes in "You're home late" & Hikaru goes "uhm" trying not to let her see his lip. "Bath?" she asks "ok" he replies & goes round the table to get by her. But she sees his reflection in a mirror & stops him "What happened to your face? He beat you up again?" Hikaru pulls away from her & takes a couple of steps when his mom says "You won't tell me anything?" He stops & without turning around tells her "He won't be bothering me anymore, so don't worry". He goes to his room, leaving his mother standing there

Coming into his room, he falls into bed & as he lies there thinking, he takes out Michi's handkerchief, holds it up & looks at it& then looks past it & stares at the Michaelangelo picture on the wall

In her room, Michi sits on the floor by her bed, silently thinking, phone in hand. She presses a button & the screen shows "Kitai Masaru". Another button & it shows "Kurosawa Hikaru". She hesitates, then goes back to "Kitai Masaru" & calls. "It's me." "Michi!" answers Masaru "I was worried! Where are you now? At home?" "Um, sorry about today" Michi apologizes. At Masaru's apartment, Masaru goes "eh? That serious? Don't worry, I'm ok" Michi says "Really sorry" "Don't worry about it. So you're ok?" "What?" "That problem student, he wasn't violent towards you?" "Don't worry" Michi assures him. Masaru tells her "If anything happens, tell me. If anything happens to you, I can't live." Michi is speechless. "Oi! What's happening? Michi?" She finally says "You're very kind" Masaru is a little embarrassed "What are you saying?" "You should be angry with me." says Michi quietly but Masaru tells her "I trust you." The look on Michi's face is unreadable. "I'll call you again, bye" Masaru tells her. He hangs up, looking worried

The next morning, Hikaru dressed for school sees his mom cooking. "Morning" she greets him. Hikaru looks surprised "What's happening?" "Been so busy lately, haven't made breakfast for you in a whilejust realized ityour favorite omelet" putting a plate on the table. Hikaru just stands there looking at her. "Hurry up, or you'll be late for school!" she tells him & he finally sits down. His mother asks "Made new friends already?" "Just got into school" "Aren't there any cute girls in class?" "Why?" "Because you've never brought any girlfriends home before. What kind of girls you like, I don't even know. When you do have a girlfriend, introduce her ok?" Hikaru looks at her, then recalls her kidding Godai at the hospital & suddenly says "I'm done" & gets up to leave. "Wait" says his mom, & goes over to wipe something on his lips. Hikaru pulls away & half shouts at her "never mind already!" & leaves.

As Hikaru enters the school gates, he sees Kinoshita walking in engrossed in a book & goes towards her. However he is intercepted by three of the girls from his class. They come up to him "You won't go out for fun?" "Didn't say that" Hikaru answers. "So, go out with us next time, lots of things to show you" they tell him when he sees Kinoshita walking by, as usual reading a book. "Why is she always alone?" Hikaru asks the girls but they tell him "We don't know, she likes it that way, probably not a simple person" He sees Michi inside the school, excuses himself & runs inside. He smiles at her "Good morning" & she does the same to him, walking on. Hikaru follows "What happened?" Michi smiles "They believed me. I said it was because of a problem with a transfer student" Hikaru points to himself "You mean me?" Michi says with a laugh "Of course!" Hikaru retorts "That's too much!" & they both go off in different directions.

During math class, as Michi is teaching, Kinoshita sees at Hikaru watching Michi. "Michi asks the class "Any questions?" "Yes!" answers a girl. "What's your question?" The girls stands up "What happened the other day?" Michi says "As I explained earlier, I wasn't feeling well" but another girl interrupts "Really?" Michi goes "eh?" The girl continues "There's a rumor saying that you were riding a bike with a young boy." & the whole class starts talking. Hikaru looks around & suddenly stands up "It was me. Don't misunderstand. She wasn't feeling well so I sent her to the hospital. Don't think weird things!" Kinoshita stares at Hikaru with an understanding look, Michi looks at him speechless as he walks out of class

As Michi enters the faculty room, all the teachers gathered around the director's desk turn back to look at her. She goes to her desk & Matsuoka tells her "It's not good. The lady teacher hands her a piece of paper "What's the meaning of this?" Michi takes it. "It's a sketch of 2 people on a bike, a boy with a helmet on & a girl behind laughing, the name Michi written next to the girl. Big letters say "Mi-chan in love. Left school, where did you go?"

Walking with Michi into the auditorium, the director tells Michi "You've got to stop this." Inside on the upper level, Kinoshita alone reading, hears them both enter. "This is a problem for the teachers. Be careful! Don't let things like this happen again!" Michi says "Sorry." The director continues 'Actually, earlier Kurosawa's mother already had aired her concerns about having such a young teacher. Anything happens we'll be in trouble, not only difficulties but also towards his mother!" Michi suspects something & asks "This school is receiving benefits from her?" The director's expression is guilty but he doesn't say anything. "So you agreed that no matter what problems he causes, he won't be expelled?" Michi asks further. The director finally denies "No, we're only concerned about you. Aren't you preparing for your wedding?" "How did you know?" asks Michi. "Don't disappoint your father, he'll be very upset" replies the director, answering her question

Michi goes up the stares & smiles when she sees Hikaru at the top. She suddenly looks away, goes up the stairs without looking or saying anything, walking right by him. Hikaru is surprised at her action. "She's always like that." Hikaru looks & sees Kinoshita coming up the stairs. "Anything happens & she runs. Doesn't have the courage to fight back when she gets blamed. She's like that" & walks off. Hikaru says "Should you be more careful?" Kinoshita turns around "What about?" Hikaru explains "Also seems like you are being misunderstood, it's said that you do strange things" "You're worried about me?" "I don't mean that." Kinoshita says "What would a rich boy like you know? Aren't you only a boy that's protected by his mother?" Hikaru looks at her not understanding. Kinoshita says "No way, you don't know?"

Teacher Matsuoka is giving a history lesson when he hears some noise. He turns & sees Hikaru with headphones on listening to music & reading a magazine. He walks up to Hikaru annoyed "What are you doing?" Hikaru answers insolently "What?" Matsuoka grabs the headphones & magazine from Hikaru "I'll take that!" "I give it to you!" says Hikaru. "What sort of attitude is that!?" Matsuoka looks like he can't quite believe what's happening. Hikaru gets up, looks at him says "aaah, boring" grabs his bag & walks out of class, the rest of the students whispering "he's really leaving!" Matsuoka shouts "Wait, where are you going?!"

Hikaru walks down the corridor & the teacher comes after him "Wait!" Hikaru turns around, looks at him, gives him a cynical smilethen suddenly throws his bag with force onto the ground & presses the fire alarm button. All hell breaks loose as students come streaming out of their classes into the hallway, noisily chattering wondering what's going on. Hikaru nonchalantly walks off & as he goes by the side of the school, Michi sees him "What are you doing?" He ignores her & she comes running over, grabs his arm "Wait! What's wrong?" "Leave me alone!" he yells, pulling away from her. "I won't get expelled anyway!" he says bitterly. Michi just looks at him helplessly as he climbs over the school wall & disappears

After school as Michi comes out of the gates, she sees Masaru waiting for her. Michi asks "What's happening?" "Nothing, passing by on my way so I stopped byanything wrong? don't look too happy" says Masaru. "Nothing" she replies. Masaru then with a sneaky smile says "Someplace I want to go." "Where?" "Secret! Just come." & they go off

Hikaru is alone at the game arcade when he spots Michi going by with Masaru. He runs out & sees the both of them walking, Masaru's arm around Michi

Michi & Masaru walk into a wedding banquet hall. A man shows them around "This is the main banquet hall of this hotel, each table sits 8 so approximately 150 to 160 people" Masaru says "Feels great, have to call bossesrelatives will be thrilled" Michi merely stands there lost in thought, barely listening to Masaru. He calls her & she breaks out of her reverie & smiles at him...

At the bookstore, Hikaru is flipping though a magazine on bikes. Kinoshita comes by & says "Don't force yourself to be a bad kid" "Not forcing it." "But if you go on like this, it'll cause Hirose sensei a lot of problems. Because of you, she got a ticking off from the director" "So what?" "Actually you're worried about her, you're basically a good kid." "Who is? The one who's pretending to be a bad kid is you." Hikaru tells her. Kinoshita's expression changes & she starts taking books from the shelf & puts them in her bag one by one. She turns to Hikaru & says "You try it too!"

At the hospital in the director's room, a medical supplier, an elderly man, asks Kyoko "What's going on? All of a suddenstop using our medicines" Kyoko answers "Sorry, but this is handled by Dr Godai" He continues "Somehow I can't get used to his style of doing things. Since he took over this hospital, it's changed." Kyoko gets up uneasily & walks over & looks at the painting while the man says "used to be as warm as that picture the old director paintedeverything he did was for the sake of the patients"

Kyoko goes to see Godai, he's at a desk looking at some x-rays "You want to change medical suppliers at least consult with me first!" Godai continues looking at the x-rays replies "Actually I didn't want to but that old man's thinking is old fashioned & isn't very accommodating" Kyoko tells him "In any case when my husband first started this hospital, he was an acquaintance" Godai grabs the x-rays & gets up, walks to the shelf to get some documents "I bumped into the director of Tamasougou Hospital by chance. He asked me to go over to help himKyoko says anxiously "You rejected him, right?" & When Godai doesn't reply, she tells him "This hospital needs you!" "Until Hikaru is old enough to take overmy fate is in your hands" he tells her bitterly. Kyoko looks at him, & then hugs him

At the Witches restaurant, Masaru is looking through the wedding brochures "Think a wedding gown is still the best, kimono is good too but summer is really hot" Michi is surprised "Summer?!" Masaru replies "Thought about dates, best is still that time" "Already decided?" "Why? Cannot?" Michi shakes her head "Not thatumm, haven't informed school" Masaru say 'That's fine, everyone's a teacher, will have summer holidays" "So summer holidays" "The end & beginning of the year's bad, everyone's really busy" Michi looks up 'ah!" Masaru turns around "Kiri-chan!" Kiriko says "Felt like having a drink" she sees the wedding brochures "Decided already? Congratulations Michi!" "Thanks!" Masaru says "Kiri, you can do a speech!" "Oh no" says Kiriko as she takes a seat next to Masaru. But he tells her "Nope, you're our cupid! That's right, it was at this restaurant when you introduced Michi to me." Michi says "ah, that's right!" Kiriko asks "Michi, where's your engagement ring? He's given it to you, why aren't you wearing it?" Michi hesitates "That's because" Kiriko suggests "So precious to you that you keep it safe?" Masaru looks relieved "So that's why, why didn't you say so earlier, I was worried, I don't know how to choose things" Michi looks at him "Sorry" Kiriko says "Hey, do you know why the ring is worn on the left hand?" Masaru "Why?" She explains "Because there's a devil by the left side of a women. During the wedding, doesn't the man stand on her right too? That's because she doesn't want the man to see her left side. So, in order to keep a hold of the woman, have to put a ring on the left hand to get rid of the devil." Masaru laughingly says "So? Then that's saying that there's a devil by Michi's side!" Michi goes "eh?" looking stunned. Right then her phone rings "Excuse me" she says & answers it "Hello?Police?!"

Michi takes a taxi to the police station. Walking in she sees Kinoshita & Hikaru sitting down. They both look at her, & then Hikaru looks away. Michi walks up to the inspector "I'm their teacher." The inspector tells her "Although they were together, the boy said that he's the one who did everything. The girl could have left any time but she said that she wanted to wait until you arrived no matter what" Right then, Hikaru's mom walks in & anxiously says "Hikaru!" but he just looks at her & then looks away

Back at the restaurant Kiriko tells Masaru "You're too good." "No such thing" Masaru replies. Kiriko continues "If I were with someone I loved, no matter what crime my students committed, I wouldn't bother!" "Is that so?" "Um." "ButMichi's also very serious, I really like this about her." Kiriko is silenced

As Kinoshita leaves the police station, she turns back & looks upUpstairs Hikaru sits & waits in a room. Outside in the hallway Kyoko asks Michi 'What's with Hikaru? He's never been called up by the police before." Michi replies "Because he knows that no matter what he does, he won't get expelled from school, that's why he's become willful" "That's it? Since he's entered this school, he's become very strange, no, maybe it's because he's in your class!" 'What?" Michi can't quite believe what she's hearing. Kyoko continues "Isn't there a strange rumor going round in school? That you & Hikaru have an abnormal relationship?" "That's just someone playing a prank" but Kyoko suts her off "Didn't al already say before? Don't bother about Hikaru!" "But I'm his teacher!" "Then I'll speak to the school about having the teacher changed!" & walks off. "Don't do everything your own way! You should at least listen to your son's feelings too!" Michi tells Kyoko. "I understand everything about my son!" "That so?" Kyoko turns around "What's that supposed to mean? Even If I say this, you might not understand. Do you know how I here today, expanding the hospital? No matter how hard it was, I always did it because of Hikaru. To me, Hikaru is everything! Leave him alone!" She comes into the room 'Hikaru, let's go home." & he gets up. Walking past Michi he stops, turns to her & says "Sorry, I won't cause you anymore trouble" & goes off together with his mom.

Coming home, Hikaru & his mom enter the living room, both staring at each other. His mom finally says "Hungry? I'll make something" but Hikatu gives her one look & goes off into his room without saying anything.

Michi comes into her room & flops onto her bed, lies there & recalls the day she spent with Hikaru the day she cut classes. She gets up, takes the engagement ring from the little drawer, puts it on her finger & goes out

Masaru opens his front door & is surprised when he sees Michi "Sorry, you were sleeping?"

Michi sitting on the bed, goes through the wedding brochures & picking up a menu says decisively "Let's go with this one, summer, better not to have oily foodoh yes, have to Nagano to apologize to your parents for the last timewhat?" asking Masaru when he looks at her strangely. He answers "no, you're different from earlier, enthusiastic all of a sudden" Michi smiles & then says "I was thinking of maybe quitting school" "Eh?" "I'm not that good, if I work, can't do housework" "Masaru comes by & sits on a chair in front of Michi "I don't mind, in fact I think it's better" He sees the ring on Michi's finger, takes her hand & looks at her

Kinoshita goes to school the next day but in class sees that Hikaru's seat is empty

Michi is walking alone when she hears someone say "What do you think of his punishment?" Michi turns around & Kinoshita comes out from behind a pillar. Michi explains "First time he's committed a crime, so punished by being suspended for 3 days" "That's all? If it had been me, I would have been expelled. But then, for someone who didn't do anything, that's perhaps too severe" "Kurosawa didn't do it?" asks Michi surprised. Kinoshita says cynically "He doesn't have the courage. I didn't force him admit it, he just wanted to be 'cool'" & walks off.

Hikaru takes a ride alone on his bike

Hikaru's home tutor waits in the living room, reading a book. All of a sudden she puts the book down, does to the display cabinet & takes out a red wine glass. She goes to the veranda, holds it up over the side & lets go of it. It falls to the ground, smashing to bits. Turning around suddenly she sees Hikaru watching. He says to her "Don't worry, I won't tell on you. But on one condition, tell my mother I'm not coming home tonight!"

Hikaru goes out & meets up with the girls from class. They greet him"You're late!"

Michi at home is going over the wedding arrangements with her parents. Her father says "I'll get the list of my friends to you soon." "Thanks" Michi's mom looks at her with reservations. Her phone rinngs & Michi answers "It's Kurosawa" says Hikaru's mom. Michi surprised says "just a second" & goes out to the hallway to speak in private "what happened?" "Hikaru's missing!" "Eh?" "Nothing to do with you I guess?" "Why?" "He's not with you now?" "Don't talk rubbish. I'll go look for him too." "No, no need." "But!!" Hikaru's mom hangs up on Michi. Michi goes back into the living room, takes her jacket & tells her parents "going out for a bit"

At the a dance club Hikaru & the girls get drinks

Michi goes to the garage but doesn't see Hikaru, & sees his bike still there

At the club, Hikaru's slumped over on the table asleep when his phone goes off. Ons ot he girls takes it "Who is it?" The screen on the phone says "Hirose Michi". "It's Hirose! No way! Really going out together?" No way! Let's answer" Michi syas "Hello, who are you?" "Hikaru's girlfriend." Where's Hikaru?" "In the shower" Michi recognizes her "You're my student Tanaka! Stop kidding around, where are you now? Where are you now?"

Michi walks into the night club & looks for Hikaru. She sees him still sleeping at the table. Waking him up she says "Kurosawa, let's go home." He wakes up & says "Leave me alone!" & reaches for the glass of beer on the table. Michi takes it from him. He tries to take it back but Michi won't let him. He simply takes another drink on the table & Michi tosses the beer in his face, grabs him by the arm & drags him out of the club.

Outside, he pulls away "Let go of me!" "I'm sending you home" says Michi. "Just go back to your fianci, isn't that better?" he yells at Michi insolently. 'what do you know?" asks Michi. Hikaru carries on 'what's so great about him? Comes by the school during work." Michi stops him 'He's very kind & matured. My parents also like him very much." Hikaru exasperated, says "Altho that truewhat do you want to do? Do you know who you really are? The person who forces herself to be a teacher? Or the seemingly happy fiancie? Or the parents little child? Right to the very end, you still can't depend on yourself for anything." & walks off. Michi, listening, gets really upset & runs after him. Just as she catches up, he walks into a convenience store.

Walking in, he says "I'm different from you, I won't depend on parents anymore." He takes a couple of cassette tapes from the shelf & is about o put them in his pocket when Michi takes it from him & shoves it into her pocket. She grabs a few more things & Hikaru says "You're not serious! Oi!" & as she takes more things he puts his hand out to stop her "Stop!" & everything falls onto the floor. They see the storekeeper looking suspiciously at them & Hikaru grabs Michi's hand "What are you doing?!" dragging her, running out of the store

Outside as they run, the things fall out of Michi's pocketfinally they turn into an alley & the storekeeper goes running past. Hikaru panting asks "What are you doing!!" He turns around to see Michi crying. Taking a handkerchief he gives it to her. Michi takes it "I don't know myself! I don't know what I'm doing!" Hikaru looks at her"What am I doing? What am I doing?" Michi keeps saying. Hikaru goes in front of Michi, & moves closer to kiss her

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