Michi is brought to the hospital. Scenes of Michi being examined, the baby being scanned, a syringe, medical equipment & Hikaru anxiously waiting outside.

(-= CJ =- This scene is so weird, it's really tense & then all of a sudden...)

Michi sits on the examination table with a smile on her face, her hands over her stomach. (-= CJ =- her smile looks rather creepy to me). Outside the doctor tells Hikaru "There's a possibility of a miscarriage (literally threatened miscarriage) Although she didn't miscarry, her condition doesn't appear to be good. "You'll have to look after her carefully" "Yes" The doctor takes a step towards Hikaru & says to him "You're a father now, you'll have to be more responsible" Hikaru says "I'm sorry". As the doctor walks away, Hikaru just stands there, looking as if the weight of the world is on his shoulders.

Michi & Hikaru are walking back when Hikaru suggests "Let's get married now" Michi's surprised "Eh?" Hikaru tells her "We can't pretend nothing's happened... even if everyone opposes, I don't care. I will protect sensei & our baby." Michi smiles & says "I'm really happy." Hikaru smiles too & walking on Michi says "But for the sake of everyone accepting us, the most important thing is what we have to think about what we can do. You also have things you want to do, to live your life & not think about making a living. As for money, I'll work & do something." Hikaru replies "What are you saying? That sort of thinking... " Michi assures him "It'll be fine, I won't over do it." Hikaru gets annoyed & stops. He says to Michi "Am I that hopeless that you can't depend on me?" Michi turns around & tells him "I just don't want to be that busy" Hikaru says "It doesn't matter, I won't regret it" & continues walking. Michi says "But..." only to hear Hikaru say "I've made up my mind" as he carries on walking. Michi smiles & runs to catch up with him.

Kyoko unwraps her husband's painting that used to hang in her office. As she looks at it she remembers the doctors telling her "We're asking for your resignation!" Suddenly the doorbell rings, she answers & sees Michi at the door.

Sitting down in the living room in silence for a while, Kyoko looks at Michi who finally says "I'm pregnant with Hikaru's baby" Kyoko is shocked "What?" "We've decided to raise our child together." "I won't allow it! Never!" Michi tries to explain "I understand what you feel. I'm pregnant & also a mother so I feel it. To protect a child no matter what. Never allow him to suffer, so..." Kyoko cuts her off "Don't speak of these things. I don't care what you think, it doesn't matter. I only want to know where is Hikaru now? You won't let us meet again?" Michi replies "No. We won't run or hide anymore." Both ladies stare at each other, Kyoko not quite understanding, Michi a determined look on her face.

Kyoko drives to a Shell gas station & stops just outside. She sees Hikaru working there, pumping gas & feels uncomfortable at what she sees. As Hikaru shouts 'Thank you' to customers, he sees her in the car & she gives him a smile back.

Kyoko says "Hikaru" but before she can say anything else he says "Even if you oppose, it won't make a difference. I... am living for the sake of sensei & the baby. So I won't carry on with the hospital" Kyoko says "So, you don't think of me as a mother anymore." & walks away. Hikaru looks at her "What's wrong? Mom!" but Kyoko doesn't look back or reply.

Hikaru goes to the hospital & entering the office, he is shocked to see Godai in the room, filing his fingernails, an abstract painting now hanging in the spot where his father's painting used to be. Godai says "Ah Hikaru! When did you come back to Japan? Nice painting isn't it?" Hikaru asks "Don't you feel even a little sense of guilt?" "What are you saying?" "Because you wanted this hospital, you've made my mom suffer, you should know that! & on top of that, how can you just sit there?!" grabbing the nail file from Godai. Godai merely laughs "Why are you so angry? You should be grateful to me instead, I've brought you out of hell so that you won't have to continue this hospital." Godai stands next to Hikaru & asks "Or, are you going to take this hospitable back (by force)? Hikaru looks at him. Godai walks to the sofa "Sorry, I'm very busy." taking some documents from the table & sitting down "...as the new director" Hikaru looks at Godai & without saying anything, leaves. Godai looking with those shifty eyes of his.

Hikaru stops outside a convenience store & looks in. Michi is working as a cashier at a family mart.

Walking into their apartment, Hikaru turns on the light & looks at the memo board hanging on the wall. Their photo is stuck on the board & Michi has left a message "Warm up the stew & eat, salad's in the fridge, Michi" Turning around he sees a green plastic bag on the table with a note on it "To Hikaru". He opens it & takes out some books."Passing the big test - understanding everything book". Hikaru doesn't look too pleased.

(-= CJ =- Hmmmph... no Chinese subs for the message or the title of the book, not that it matters. Must say the title of the book sound ridiculous translated literally. What do you call these types of books anyway? wasurechatta.)

Michi walks home with a couple of packages & as she crosses a bridge, looks up at their apartment building. Walking into the apartment she says "I'm home" & smiles as she sees Hikaru at the table. Walking up he says "How about 'Yuki'?" "What?" "Baby's name...even if it's boy or girl it'll be ok." Sitting down Michi says "That's fine" & sees Hikaru writing out names in a book. Michi takes out the books from the bag but Hikaru says "Didn't I say already? I'm not going to university" Michi replies "Don't say that!" but Hikaru's firm "I've already decided. Don't bother with this (literally, don't do unnecessary thing) "Why not think it over one more time?" Hikaru's getting a little annoyed "Will you stop treating me like a child?" "I'm only thinking about it for your sake" "Stop talking like a mother" says Hikaru, getting up & going into the kitchen. Michi turns around, surprised at Hikaru's bad mood & looks at him "What happened?" "The hospital isn't my mother's anymore" "Eh?" "It's been taken over by a betrayer" Michi goes up to him & says "Go see your mother tomorrow" Hiraku turns around "Why?" "It must be really hard for her, all alone. So, it'll be better if you go see her." explains Michi. Hikaru asks instead "What about you? What do you intend to do?" "What about?" "Your family...can you really not care about them?"

On the way to school, Kinoshita spots Michi behind a tree, waiting for her. Kinoshita gives a very sweet smile. Walking together in the park Michi asks "Speaking of which, have you decided on which university & major?" Kinoshita says modestly "I might not get in, but...law at Toudai (Tokyo University)" "That's fantastic!" "Looking at how hard the both of you've been trying, I have to try hard too." "You'll be fine. As your former teacher, I guarantee it!" Kinoshita suddenly stops & Michi asks "What's wrong?" "That's not the real reason you came to talk to me about, is it. Recently your parents have been ignoring each other. That time when your father hit your mom...From then on...I know you want to go home." "I'm sorry, worrying you...I'll get in touch with them soon." Kinoshita nods "Uhm" & then suddenly recalls "Speaking of which, do you know about her?"

At a bus stop, Kiriko looks at her ticket. The bus arrives & she gets on it, finds her seat & with a big sigh looks out the window. Someone comes up to her & grabs her arm. She turns to look & sees Michi who tells her "Get off (the bus)" With Kiriko protesting "Wait! What are you doing?" Michi drags her off the bus. Kiriko says "Let me go!" but Michi ignores her until Kiriko pulls away "Stop it! What the hell are you doing!?" Michi finally answers "I should be the one asking you that! Do you just intend to return home like this?" Kiriko says "That's my prerogative!" but Michi tells her "That's just running away from reality!" Kiriko gets fed up "I don't want to be lectured by you" & turns to go back up the bus but Michi just drags her off again. Kiriko goes "What are you doing?" "Stop lying to yourself (your own feelings)!" "Isn't that just fine anyway? I don't have any special dreams, nothing to do in Tokyo, not seeing anyone!" says Kiriko pushing Michi away but Michi tells her "I don't want to be parted from you! I don't want to not see you again!" Kiriko stops struggling & calms down. Then Michi says to her "If you want to go, go. But no matter where you go, no matter how old you get, you will always be my best friend! Even if you don't like it, it's the truth!" Kiriko stares at Michi & then walks up the bus. Michi watches as the door closes & the bus pulls away. Michi just stands there, looking disheartened. Suddenly the bus stops, the door opens & Kiriko gets off the bus. Michi sees & runs up to her. Kiriko says "I've lost my ear-ring. It's your fault! Help me look for it." The both of them look at each other, rather emotional & smile.

(-= CJ =- Wonder if this has to do with the missing earring earlier on.)

At the apartment, Kyoko sits in front of the television, watching old home movies of herself & Hikaru as a child, playing at the beach. In the video Kyoko says 'Look, dad!' & both of them wave at the camera. Hikaru walks in & sees his mother watching the old videos. In the video, Kyoko & Hikaru are drawing in the sand & Kyoko says 'Look! Hikaru's great!' Kyoko says to Hikaru "You were really spoilt even when your father wanted to carry you, you'd call 'Mama, mama' didn't want to leave me." Hikaru looks at the boxes packed & ready for the movers. He looks back at the video & sees the picture of a woman drawn on the sand as the waves come in & Kyoko's voice says "(The water's) come."

Michi comes home to an empty apartment, puts her keys on the table & turns to look at the message board. It says 'Gone to mom's place, Hikaru' Michi smiles & suddenly the phone rings. She answers "Hello" "It's me" says Hikaru. "How's your mom?" "The mansions been taken back too, have to move out tomorrow." "You're kidding!" "I'm a little worried so I'll stay for a while, I won't stay too late, don't worry." "I understand, I'm on the late shift today." "Bye then." & they both hang up but Michi looks worried.

Hikaru & his mom have dinner together. Kyoko says "It's been a long time since we had dinner together." Hikaru agrees. Kyoko continues "Your father hardly ever praised my cooking, only said that my omelette was good." Hikaru's smiles "ehh." Kyoko tells him "He was a very serious person When I met him for the first time, it was during an interview at the hospital. Suddenly told me to help out in surgery, because I was flustered, I got scolded by him 'what on earth did you study?!' On our first date, we went to the theatre I thought he would hold my hand, got me all nervous. Who knew, the moment we got there, he fell asleep immediately, not even on my shoulder but on another old lady's next to him. When the movie was over, there was an emergency. In the end, that day...he ended up looking after patients all night. But the next morning..tiredly on the way home, your father suddenly have me a ring, said that he would stay with me until he died." Kyoko looks up at the oil painting now hanging in the living room & Hikaru turns to look as well. Kyoko says "Although he was friendly with others he was also quick to get angry. But he was a person who always thought of his patients. His patients would look at his kind face & forget their fears & think they would recover faster." Looking intently at Hikaru, Kyoko tells him "You're exactly like your father.I'm like someone who's fallen in love at first sight." Kyoko stares at him & Hikaru looks back, speechless. Finally after a rather tense pause, Kyoko says "ah, there's a bottle of red wine that I really want to drink with you." & gets up to get it from the cabinet. Hikaru says "But I..." "It's all right, only one glass." Taking the bottle out she says "This wine was bottled the same year you were born." She goes to a table behind Hikaru & opens the bottle...the expression on her face changes...She pulls out the cork & Hikaru turns to look. From her pocket, Kyoko takes out a bottle of medication. Hikaru continues eating, unsuspecting. She takes a pill out of the bottle & drops it into the bottle of wine. It dissolves.

(-= CJ =- I'll settle for 'older teacher in love with younger student' anytime. Mother & son, noooooooo…this scene started out nice, sweet to see Hikaru & his mom get along for a change but then the yuck factor kicked in, sheeeeesh!...but must say I like this very typical Japanese technique of how the background seems to approach the camera while the person stays in focus. how do they do that? Really heightens the tension...sugoi!)

At work a tall stack of shopping baskets topples over & Michi looks up. A kid, having fallen is crying & both his mother & Michi come running over. "What happened?" asks the lady while Michi asks "Are you alright? You're not hurt?" His mother says "I'm sorry" to Michi & then tells the boy "Didn't I always say so."

Back at the apartment. Kyoko pours two glasses of the wine. Each taking a glass, Kyoko says "Cheers" & then as Hikaru is about to drink it Kyoko suddenly says "Wait, it's rare (that we have) red wine, why not admire the color?" Hikaru looks at it & then Kyoko says "Then, smell the aroma." & Hikaru swirls the glass & takes a sniff at the wine. Kyoko smiles at his actions & Hikaru smiles back. Then as Kyoko puts the glass to her lips, she watches Hikaru do the same. She stares & just as the wine is about to reach his lips, she slaps the glass away from him. It smashes to the floor & Hikaru looks at his mother in shock. Kyoko sits back down & in a shaky voice says "Go home! Leave me alone!" When Hikaru doesn't move Kyoko shouts at him "I said go home!" Hikaru looks at her & then grabs the bottle of wine & Kyoko's glass. He goes to the kitchen & dumps everything down the sink. Rather shaky, Hikaru realizing what his mother just intended to do, turns around to look at a trembling Kyoko. Tears roll down her face.

Michi comes home from work to an empty apartment. She turns to look at the phone.

At the apartment, Kyoko sits on the floor in silence, Hikaru sitting next to the sofa, staring at his mother. Kyoko says "She'll be worried. Go home." but Hikaru doesn't move.

Michi sits at the table waiting, it's 3.20 am She looks at the clock & then puts her hand on her stomach "It'll be alright. I trust your father."

It's morning & Hikaru's asleep sitting up, leaning against the sofa. He wakes up & doesn't see Kyoko. He calls for her "Mom?" He goes into her room " Mom?" but she isn't there. goes into the bathroom but she's not there either. Coming back into the living room, he finally sees a piece of paper on the dining table. He picks it up & it says 'Love you Hikaru'...

Michi is asleep at the table when the phone rings. She wakes up & answers "Hello?" "It's dangerous, mom's in danger!" Hikaru's panicking. Michi says "Calm down!" "She's going to kill herself" "Eh?" "She was gone when I woke up, car's gone too. Where's she gone?" Michi tells him "In any case, call the police!" "I understand!" Hikaru throws the phone down & runs out…Michi thinks & suddenly a thought strikes her. She remembers the painting & grabbing her bag she runs out. She flags down a cab, gets into it & goes off.

(-= CJ =- 'Yabai' nante...hmmmmmph, so typical, nothing goes right...jitsatsu suru)

Kyoko's driving her car along the coast. Michi in the cab looks at her watch & tells the driver "Excuse me, could you hurry please?" Kyoko arrives at the beach, switches off the car engine & gets out, staring at the sea Michi in the taxi drives along the same coastal road Kyoko stands at the waters edge for a while & then starts walking into the water Michi in the cab pulls up next to Kyoko's car. She gets out & looks into Kyoko's car & then looks around to find her She sees Kyoko in the water.Running to the waters edge Michi yells "Kurosawa san! Kurosawa san!" Kyoko hears & turns around. Michi shouts "You do this won't it only hurt Hikaru?! I'm begging you, please stop!" but Kyoko merely turns away & goes further into the water. Michi starts running into the water after Kyoko, the waves are rough & finally Kyoko goes under as Michi screams "Stop!" Michi goes under water to look for her.

(-= CJ =- For someone who's in danger of losing her baby, Michi's sure engaged in a lot of vigorous activity.)

Hikaru comes running anxiously down a hospital corridor & finally finds the room he's searching for. Going in, he sees Michi sitting next to his mother, lying in bed. Michi goes to Hikaru & tells him "The doctor said tonight's crucial….quot; Hikaru goes to his mother's side, worried.

Hikaru sits next to the bed watching over his mother. Michi sits nearby, tiredly watching as well. There's a knock on the door & Michi opens the door. "Mom?" "Michi." her mother says. She sees Hikaru inside & bows to him in greeting, Hikaru acknowledges & then turns back to look at his mother.

Going out of the room, Michi & her mother sit outside, Michi's looking really tired & pale. After a silent pause, her mother says "I plan to move out of the house" Michi's shocked "Eh?" I intend to move out with Jun & rent an apartment." "& dad?" "Earlier, I gave him the divorce papers" "You're not serious!" "I'm just waiting for your father to stamp it" "Wait a minute, it's all my fault that you & dad..." "Don't be mistaken. This is my decision. Because this is my life.From now on, you're going to have to face a lot of problems. Don't worry about others. The most important thing is your own self..."

In the room, Hikaru's holding onto his mother's hand, sitting by her bedside. Suddenly the door opens & Godai walks in "Take her back to our hospital, the facilities here is adequate, I'll save your mother." Hikaru gets up & says "What did you come here for? Don't ever appear in front of me again!" Godai says "Hikaru..." but Hikaru yells at him "Leave!" Godai stares at him & then turns to leave. At the door he sees Michi looking & stops for a second before leaving. Michi looks at Hikaru, who seems to be struggling with his own emotions.

Outside, Hikaru sits waiting. He takes the note his mother left him & looks at it."Love you Hikaru".

Inside, Michi is sitting by Kyoko's bedside. Suddenly Kyoko's fingers move. Michi sees & gets up to look at Kyoko. Kyoko's eyes slowly open & Michi calls her "Kurosawa san? Can you hear me?" Kyoko turns to look at her & Michi tells her "I'll call the doctor." As she turns Kyoko makes a sound & Michi turns around. Going to Kyoko Michi asks "What is it?" Kyoko says "Why didn't you let me die? From now on, what am I going to live for? Like this... I'd rather die." Michi turns around & looks at Hikaru who walking in, has heard everything.

Michi waits outside. She looks up when the door opens & a nurse comes out with Hikaru. The nurse says "Let me know if there's anything" Hikaru says "Thank you" Michi nods to the nurse who then leaves. Hikaru slowly approaches Michi & says "Could you not come here for the time being? I don't want to provoke mom." Michi says "I understand" "I'm sorry" says Hikaru but Michi shakes her head in understanding & Hikaru goes back into his mother's room. Michi pauses outside the door for a while & as she turns to leave she hears Hikaru say "Mom, I don't hate you. On top of that, you're my only family. But I really love sensei, as much as you loved dad." Hikaru expression changes as he says "Tell (teach) me mom...what should I do?" Kyoko just stares blankly off to one side, not saying anything as Hikaru speaks, Michi outside hears Hikaru's pain of being caught in between two people he loves.

Michi leaves & walking home, she comes across Masaru waiting for her. He gets up wobbly to his feet & drunkenly says "Yo" Michi goes up to him & says "What's wrong?" Masaru tells her "Because of you, I've been transferred to the branch office, I just came here to report to you" Michi's surprised "Eh?" Masaru starts laughing "That's the way it is. Fiancee snatched away by a high school student, how would I ever be promoted?" Michi looks upset as Masaru continues "I'm saying this to you. Even if my boss blames me, I can't even answer him back. Even if I'm asked to do any work that I hate, even if I mess up, it's all (company) policy, I can't disobey. Really misfortunate." Masaru turns around & says to Michi "You didn't marry me. You were right!" & walks away, Michi looking at him.

Back at home, Michi gets a glass of water from the tap. As she's about to drink it she suddenly sees a reflection of herself in a kitchen utensil & stops. She stares at it, the water from the tap running.

At the hospital, Hikaru's still by his mother's bedside & holding onto her hand. Kyoko turns to look at him & then sees the ring on his finger. Hikaru notices & covers it with his left hand.

Back at home, Michi's sitting by the table waiting, her hands resting on a couple of books - 'Being a mother for the first time'.She turns to looks at the clock & then pulls out a notebook from under a couple of books. It's the notebook where Hikaru's written the names for the baby. Going to the memo board she puts her hand on the photo of the both of them & then looks at the Hikaru's message "Gone to mom's place, Hikaru" Michi stares at the word "Mom". Michi sits in the apartment waiting. It's finally morning & Michi goes to the morning & looks at the sky. She looks at the ring on her finger.

(-= CJ =- Michi's got that look, something's going on in that head of hers.)

Hikaru comes home. Michi's waiting by the table & goes up to him asking "How's your mom?" "She's calmed down a little bit." "Is that so?" Hikaru looks troubled & goes to window "I don't want mom to suffer anymore, but...She won't forgive the two of us. I don't know what to do!" He turns to look at Michi who's very calm. She goes to Hikaru & holds out her hand "Let's go" Hikaru says "eh?" Michi tells him "We can only give up everything." "Then what about my mom?" "Family, friends, & all the important memories we have with them. We can only give them up! We don't have the right to make other people happy. We only have the future of this child." Hikaru looks at Michi's outstretched hand & raises his to hers. But at the last moment he pulls away "I can't, I can't do it. I think there's a way everyone can be happy, there must be." Michi calmly takes her hand away & Hikaru tells her "Don't just take it on yourself to decide everything! Don't talk to me of these things when I'm trying to figure what to do!" Michi looks at Hikaru & turns around. She takes a bag, opens the chest of drawers & calmly starts packing. Hikaru asks "What are you doing?" Michi says as she continues packing "I can't stay with you anymore, we'll only end up hurting each other." Michi stops, turns around, looks at Hikaru & says "We can only break up." Hikaru's face changes to that of pain.

Michi walks with determined steps across the bridge from their apartment. Hikaru comes running after her "Wait!" Michi walks on & says "Don't come!" Hikaru still running shouts "Who's the one leaving me alone?! Why?!" Michi stops, turns around with a smile & says "Because I still have my memories of being with you." Hikaru looks at her. Michi slowly walks backwards saying"The first time I met you...nearly got hit by your bike & looking for my ring together...stealing from the store & running away together...the night we spent together at the school library...saying 'I love you' in front of everyone...taking you & running away from school...going to your uncle's place in Kooriyama...& although it was only for a short while, living with you by the sea..." Michi's in tears by this time, Hikaru, stunned speechless, can only look at her. Tears toll down Michi's face. With a smile she looks up at Hikaru & says "Because I have all these beautiful memories, even alone, I can go only living." A smile on her face, Michi turns around & walks away, Hikaru watching her slowly departing figure.

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